What a long week it was!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Feb in NH....the days are getting longer, the snow was melting, and on the TV they were predicting a monster storm. In a way, I was relieved that it was warmer on the coast. Up north it was predicted that they could get 2 feet of wet snow, here wind and rain was predicted. I don't have to shovel rain. I wasn't that concerned that we might have power outages.....it wasn't going to be a snow event weighing down the lines. How bad could it be, right?

So...I go out and get cat food and people food and hunker down for what I assume will be a few days of computer stuff, reading, staying inside and out of the weather...nice and warm. Then it hits. The rain was torrential, the winds were howling, mom's cat was nervous and running around yowling, and the power goes out. I can't see anything as it is pitch black outside. I grab extra blankets and go to bed sure that the power will be on by morning. All of a sudden I hear this noise like a huge freight train. "What the heck is that?" Oh No, that is the sound a tornado makes!! The wind is so fierce the house is shaking, I am hearing loud thuds and cracks. I burrow under the covers, cats at my side.

When I wake up in the morning, we still don't have power. I look outside and it looks like a war zone. The neighbors tree split in half and barely missed their house and car. My cell phone states the the winds were just a tad under hurricane force. After making several calls, my cell was dead. I ventured out to buy a car charger so I had some contact with the world. Downtown was a ghost town. Everything was dark. Trees were down everywhere. Roads were closed. A tree blocked the road and barred access to the Hospital even. The grocery store lost power and a lot of it's inventory. Trees bigger than I can recall were uprooted, split, and laying everywhere. Power lines dangled from branches or lie useless along the road. On the other end of town, I found an open electronics store and got the car charger. Then I came home and crawled under the covers. It was getting cold. I was hoping we'd have power by the end of the day.

Fast forward 5 days. There is only so much sleep a person can get. It was too cold to get out of bed and too uncomfortable to stay in bed. Until you lie in bad for a few days because it is too cold to get out of it, you don't know how uncomfortable it can be. My neck and back were aching. The cats were cycling under the covers to get warm. Neighbors with a wood stove had their home open during the day so I did manage to drag myself out of bed, put on a fuzzy robe and went across the street. It was too cold to get undresssed just to get dressed again. It seemed warmer outside than in. At night, when it got dark, I would walk home, heat water on the gas stove, fill hot water bottles, then stuff them into bed to warm the sheets. Then I'd cover up completely again.

Finally, I look out the window and see street lights. I make my way into the cellar by flashlight and trip the circuit breaker. The familiar rumble of the furnace is a joyous sound!

This makes 2 years in a row we have had a significant power outage. I don't ever remember losing power for more than a day before last year. So I am resolved to buy a generator this spring. I never, ever want to go through this again. My neck and back still ache. I also figured that even with all the sleeping, it wasn't good rest. I am still exhausted.
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    i'm glad you are ok and have lights!!
    back in 97 we had a huge ice storm and had no power for 18 days...FEMA stepped in and bought us a generator...it is something i would not want to be without ever again. its a good investment..even if you never have to use it the peace of mind is worth the cost.
    enjoythe heat and lights!!
    4085 days ago
    Brrr!!! So glad yu are starting to thaw out. Maybe one of those camping catalytic heaters? If you could just keep one room, however small above 45ish.....

    Glad you didn't have a lot of major damage!
    4086 days ago
    OH Kerry I am so sorry about all of this and so thankful that you are alright. We also learned the hard way and bought our generator this summer past so that does not happen to us again either. Have to keep the fur babies warm.

    When the tornado hit Mena last year it was like looking at a town that had been hit by a nuclear bomb. I could not look anywhere without bawling my head off and still there are those there sill doing their best to recover.

    My heart goes out to you but I am so glad you got your power back. Now take a long hot soak in the tub and see if that helps your back and neck.

    Love and prayers,
    4086 days ago
    I'm glad everything turned out ok. Sorry you had to endure all that coldness. Our heat went out once when I was a kid and I remember being soooo cold just for one night...and we had a fireplace. I can't imagine 5 days of it Kerry.... emoticon
    4086 days ago
    Ah...no WONDER you've been so "quiet"...! Wow! Now THAT'S a challenge *I* wouldn't want to have to face anytime soon!

    Great to have you safe & sound and back in the swing of things again!

    4086 days ago
    Oh my. That was a long, rough week. I'm so glad you've got your power back. I hope the aches from spending so much time in bed ease up.
    4086 days ago
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