10 things I hate about being Fat!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back to business. I took a week off because of stress. And honestly I didn't eat very well. And I didn't work out. But, it made me feel like I was sick or something. This whole week anytime I ate junk my stomach hurt. My body got used to eating healthy food. And was loving me for it. And then when I stated eating junk again! It gave me stomach ache like it was saying NOOO what are doing to me, this is nasty! ha ha ha! So a new week, a new blog. I thought I would make it some sort of goal related and fun. So I can come back and look at this anytime I crave junk and Know why I am working so hard!

10 things I hate about being fat! (in no specific order)

1. I hate being fat because...I feel as though I have a very hard time relating to people when it comes to weight. Most of my life I was skinny. In my group of friends I was the little one. People would literally put the word little in front of my name when talking about me. Now that I have gained weight and are no longer little I can't relate with anyone about it. Most of my friends are skinny. So they don't understand what it is like to gain as much weight as I did, So I can't talk with them about it. But, then friends that I have that are bigger like me. I don't relate to either when it comes to weight because most of them were big all of there lives. So they will talk to me about getting picked on as kid and in highschool having low self esteem. I can't relate because I wasn't big growing up. I wasn't big most of my life. So I can't relate with the skinny girls because they don't know what it's like to be fat, and I can't relate with the big girls because I don't know what it would be like to be big all my life! So I am stuck in the middle and I can't talk to anyone about it.

2. I love shopping. I love clothes. I love fashion. Like I said most of my friends are thin. They have been my friends since as far as I can remember. I am not going to just ditch them cuz I gained weight. Most of the fashion stores in my mall don't carry anything higher then a size 9. When shopping with my friends and they go into a store like that. I basically just follow them around the store. Because I know nothing in that store will fit me. Even the workers look at me like "what are you doing in here?" And all the clothes are sooo Adorable...But, I know I couldn't fit into any of it! And that is why I hate being fat!

3. I hate being fat because....Even if they carry the cute out fit in my size. It doesn't look as cute when it is that big.

4. I hate being fat because...I used to have tons of confidence. I used be able to just have conversations with people I just met. I used to love going out and doing things and meeting new people. Now I am shy, not confident, and lonely. I worry all the time what people think of me now.

5. I hate being fat because....My husband is very fit. He is also very hot! We started dating when I was very thin. After we got married, and I got pregnant. That is when i gained all of my weight. But, he is usalley very supportive of me. And makes me still feel beautiful. But when we go out places I see women checking my husband out, and then they look at me. And I know by look they give me they are thinking, "Why is that hot guy with that fat girl."

6. I hate being fat because....When I eat around people I worry about what they think. If i eat a burger and fries I could see them thinking "oh that is probably why she is fat." Or if i eat a salad they probably think "ha yeah right I bet she doesn't eat that often."

7. I hate being fat because...I am so uncomfortable in my own skin. I feel as though I am still the skinny girl but trapped into a fat girls body.

8. I hate being fat because....I don't wear it well. Some people weigh the same amount as me and still look fabulous. Not me.

9. I hate being fat because....It's not at all healthy.

10. I hate being fat because....when you bump into someone you haven't seen in a long time. And they say and I quote I have heard this probably 5 times "WOW you have changed." Which really means, "WOW you gained a lot of weight." You always want to look better then you did. You want them to be like "WOW you've changed." And it to mean wow you look unbelievably gorgeous. And after bumping into you you want them to tell people that you both know "I bumped her and she looks great." Not" I bumped her, I remember in highschool she weighed like 110 pounds and wouldn't give me the time day, But, now she got big and weighs like 200 pounds. Ha Ha Ha!"

Wow! All of those are great reasons to get thin. Skinny me here I come.

Feel free to tell me below your 10 things you hate about being fat! After reading what I wrote it made it very motivational for me! Maybe it could help you too.

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    That's a good starting point. I agree with KayBee that you shouldn't let your weight determine your personality .. continue to be outgoing, other people may not be as judgemental as you think. Keep on Sparking and you will achieve success with all your goals!
    2972 days ago
  • FIONA1331
    Love the list! #2 is my biggest problem. I've always HATED shopping even though I like fashion and cute clothes...I pretended it was just part of my personality for a long time that I didn't care about clothes or shopping. But I really just didn't want to have to search through the racks to find something that MIGHT fit.

    These are great reminders why you want to lose weight! Keep it up! emoticon
    2972 days ago
    I love you list!
    2972 days ago
    Way to go on your! emoticon
    2972 days ago
  • KAYBEE37
    Wow, that list made me think a lot -- as I'm sure it did for you when you were writing it. There are a lot of emotions in that one list. I was struck most by #1. I am one of those people who have always been big. I'd never thought about what it might be like for a person who used to base part of their identity on being small to now be overweight. That would present some different challenges and emotional issues, but in some ways we are all the same. We are all Sparkers and all working towards doing what sometimes seems like the impossible -- losing the weight for good. But please keep in mind that there are millions of Sparkers -- I think. I'm not sure of the exact number of us, but it has to be huge. So I bet there are other Sparkers who have the same background as you. Perhaps you could look for a team for them or start one yourself? I think it would be good for you to talk with others in your same situation.

    Point #4 was the most alarming, in my opinion. That was the one about not having confidence and not being outgoing anymore. Now, I can't say that I'm a poster child for self-confidence. But I do recognize my strengths and feel pretty good about myself as a whole. Those of us who have been big all our lives have realized that our self-confidence has to be based on more than weight and appearance. Though we still fret about it sometimes, most of us have sources of self-confidence that can carry us through daily body-image issues (though some of us, like me, still get very unconfident when it comes to special circumstances like dating.) My point is that it's very important that you are able to increase your self confidence now. You shouldn't say that that's something you'll try to regain once you lose weight. You need to work on this immediately, in my opinion. From your blog, I can tell that you are intelligent and thoughtful and friendly. Think of all the reasons your friends like you. Think of why your husband and family like you.

    So, while I know that there are lots of reasons to not like being overweight, I hope you'll find lots of reasons to feel good about yourself as you are right now.

    That's my two cents' worth. Take care! emoticon
    2972 days ago

    Good for You!

    This is something that's important to list at the beginning of weight loss, as then, you have something to go back to which reminds you of where you 'don't' want to go back too!!

    2972 days ago
    Love your list. I soooooo identify!
    2972 days ago
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