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week two

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This is week 2 of boosting up my calories a bit , and I have stopped poking extra food in my mouth as I am cooking or packing lunches...

I have also stopped eating an apple for my mid afternoon seemed to make me more hungry when I got home.....I'm trying to eat it for my bed time snack.....
I have been eating a south beach Living bar or fiber bar at 3 and that seems to hold me till dinner....
so once again trying new things can help....If something is not working for you, stop doing it...
I learned way back to do what works for me...

case in point: EVERYONE says stop eating white potatoes, they are like eating sugar....I tried, I tried to just do with out or use sweet potatoes in stead, don't get me wrong I love sweet potatoes too...but darn I want my white potatos...I love them baked and My mission was how can I have them......HECK I just have them, I eat them in small amounts but I do eat them...I was not going to let my eating a white potato side track my plan.....The secret is it's MY PLAN...what works for me might not work for you...

it clicked one day in my brain......Make it your life style, do what YOU can live with for the rest of YOUR life...... emoticon Ya this is my life and no one else's...I'm doing what works for me....and as you know it worked......I have stayed the same 144-146 ...I'm feeling happy about it and feel great....I'M in control of MY life, and I think it's up to each of us to do what is best for our selves not what some doctor or chart says......

Coach Dean ( a fantastic guy) wrote an article about finding your HAPPY WEIGHT....I think he is so right on......especially for us older folk... find where your healthy and happy and can do the things you want , and then stick there......I might have found it, I might change my mind in a month or so but for right now I'm at my Happy Weight......

What about YOU???

Have a Healthy week end and just think, it's time to set your March goal......Monday is March 1st. YaHooo where is the time going...

Kitt at her Happy weight
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    Kitt this was a wonderful blog. Dean Anderson is one of my all time favorite people on Sparks..very down to earth. I too saw his article and following a mutual Spark friend, found your blog and read with pure delight about "happy weight" from your personal standpoint as a Sparker.

    I think I once called it my "stasis weight" meaning exactly what you did...what my body could stay at weight wise and still be in a healthy range....not everyone is a runner, a size 0 (what's that?) or in their 20's-30's.

    When I joined I was starting to experience menopause and the first two years were a nightmare...I distinctly remember getting down to a certain weight, being delighted, and folks around me asked how much more weight till was a defeating time...I took it as though I needed to lose more weight!

    With your fabulous amount of weight loss and gutsy approach to being practical and realistic....your blogs are spreading the spark in a big way....thanks for taking the time and effort to continue on Sparking!


    3568 days ago
    Way to go kitt on trying things that work for you. Hope you have a healthy and happy weekend. Hard to beleive we are going into march already.

    3570 days ago
    emoticon It is your plan, and you stick to it !
    3570 days ago
    This blog is great, changes in our food plan do need to work for us, if we always feel deprived....the outcome won't be what we want it to be.

    Great job Kitt
    3570 days ago
    so true gotta do what is best for you
    about the potatoes our Anne did a comparison for white potatoes vs sweet potatoes they are all most equal... for nutrients and fats/calories so go potatoes.

    Have a great day Kitt... emoticon Jo
    3570 days ago
    Great blog! Absolutely, do what works for you. You have mirrored my thoughts about making changes that I can live with for the rest of my life.

    I eat white potatoes. After all, they are a natural food and packed with nutrients. I eat sweet potatoes, too, but white potatoes are a part of my diet.

    I'm trying to make some changes in my eating, too. I am so hungry when I get home from work in the afternoon, so I am thinking about cutting out my mid-morning yogurt so I can eat something more in the afternoon. Like you said, do what works for you.
    3570 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/26/2010 9:30:13 AM
    We had a good link on our team about white potato and sweet potato. It was from here on spark, I will send it to you if I can find it.
    You are doing just fine,working on that hunger is important.
    You are thinking ahead and making your lifestyle work for you.


    Hugs Mary
    3570 days ago
    I think you are right on target!! I only do things that I can live with. I have never found a tofu recipe I have liked!! No matter how good it is for me. I don't like it!! I agree with you about the potatos too. I am not giving up my potatos either.

    Treasure Yourself
    3570 days ago
  • no profile photo MOTHER-NATURE
    So true Kitt .. this journey is all about finding ourselves and do what works best for US ... we know our own bodies more then anyone else does .. Right now I am at my happy weight, I am not at my goal as yet ... I will get there .. all good comes to those who are happy within themselves.

    Thank you for all your inspirational blogs ... keep them coming : )


    3570 days ago
    Kitt, you are such an inspiration and are doing so well! I agree, everyone needs to do what works for them. I do WW and I eat white potatoes occasionally. Our WW leader talks about how they are a powerhouse packed with nutrients. I add some low fat cheese, salsa and FF sour cream. It fills me up, tastes good and makes me feel good. I learned a long time ago not to deprive myself of something I really enjoy or real want. This is a lifestyle change and something I will be doing the rest of my life. I will work it out to be able to eat what I enjoy, otherwise I will never continue. Thanks for such great blogs!
    3570 days ago
    Kitt, you are doing absolutely fabulous!!!!! Gosh, I am learning so much from you, and you have confirmed again that we each have to find our own path to what works for us. There is no "one size fits all" in this journey. We learn from each other and then tweak those tricks to find what helps us stay healthy. You are doing it, girlfriend!

    3570 days ago
    Coach Dean is my all time favorite. I agree with the happy weight. Have a great day with your new "acceptance is freedom" weight.
    3570 days ago
    emoticon Kitt!!! I still have a ways to go for my happy weight, but I will get there. You are an inspiration for me. Thank you!!!


    3570 days ago
    3570 days ago
    Kitt, you make a lot of sense. There is no point following someone else's plan. We all need our own. I like the idea of a happy weight. Right now I am at a sad weight but it is going to get better. Thanks for this blog,

    3570 days ago
    You look so great, and I love white potatoes too. Actually, I love any kind of potatoe, but have been eating the reds lately. I don't need anything on mine either and my favorite meal is half of a medium baked red potatoe with 1/2 cup of beans ( black or pinto). I ALWAYS have baked potatoes in the fridge because my hubby likes home fries for breakfast( I cook them in a little Olive oil spray). You are so right, what works for you might not work for someone else. Congratulations on your success.
    3570 days ago
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