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i don't know what to title this one...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

kind of in a weird mood this morning. kind of in a grouchy mood, actually. i've got a lot on my mind.. it's a real good thing i got a good workout in this morning. i have some acne right now that is REALLY pissing me off, and some other things have me a little ticked, too. on a positive note, today was my 5th consecutive day this week that i've done AT LEAST 1 hour of cardio, in addition to strength training. i'm pretty sure i'll be at my goal of 149 on monday, but if not, i'm sure i'll be pretty darn close. i'm really sick of the weather. spring needs to just get here already. i'm sick of rain and snow. i need to see the sun and a blue sky. i'm done with winter. i hate winter, actually. my muscles are sore today. all of them. lol. and i need to get some new lifting gloves.. the ones i had, i had to throw out, and so i've been lifting without gloves, and now i'm starting to get blisters/calluses on my hands... not cute. i also need some new workout pants.. might cop some this weekend. another good thing is that i actually have this weekend off, which will be nice. i don't like getting up early on saturday mornings to go to work. stinks. but anyway, just wanted to let you all know that i'm steady bustin butt in the gym, and i hope you are, too! thanks for listening to me this morning..

much love,
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    p.s. Talk about needing new workout pants...I've had TWO horrifying hole-in-the-pants situations...One I was doing the thigh abducter...legs spread open...look down, MAJOR hole right in the croth, white undies!!! THEN, my newer pair got a whole right in the crack. I keep forgetting to sew them, and realize it while bending over to get something at the grocery store...!!!

    3859 days ago
    It's so nice to vent on here...knowing someone can relate and encourage! Glad you shared!

    3859 days ago
    You will grow out of it. I remember how I felt and I am 71 now. Gets better. My son has been a grouch lately and I told him so the other day. Could be because he lost his finger a couple of weeks ago and is somewhat depressed. I gave him a hug. He has his ups and downs but he could have lost his hand so things could have been worst. He is already back at work. I am proud of him.
    We all have our bad days. Send us another message in a couple of days wirh a smile.

    3860 days ago
  • ROGUE_1
    Great job on your workouts, you've definitely inspired me to work extra hard this weekend (THANK YOU)!

    Oh man, I feel your frustration on the skin situation. I've been making sure to clean my face every single night before bed and to moisurize religiously and everything was perfectamento, then the TOM came, and BAM, my skin acts up...grrrr. Have you tried benzoyl peroxide 5 or 10% wash? That's what a lot of the MDs recommend where I work...I also LOVE Neutrogena On the Spot Acne Treatment. It's cheap and it works like magic!

    Happy Friday! Here's to hoping the sunshine comes out to play soon.
    3860 days ago
    I'm right there with you - I woke up in SUCH a whiny mood and wouldn't shut up until my fiance pointed it out to me (fortunately for BOTH of us, in a rather funny way). March is JUST around the corner and I swear this winter will be over. Hang in there!
    3861 days ago
  • O0VALD0O
    I feel the same way, SO ready for spring!

    But remember, you're inspiring a lot of people on this site (including me) and you sticking to your gym habit is exactly the thing to do. I've added you as a friend, by the way, hope to see more of you on here!

    Take care!
    3861 days ago
  • JENB_121
    The good news for you is that it's getting darker and a bit cooler over here on my side of the world. That can only mean that spring is moving your way. BOOOOO for winter!!!
    3861 days ago
    Wendi, this blog could have been written by ME!
    I'm having a few pimples too, which I think are in need of some sun! (I plan on tanning soon to help speed up the healing process!)
    And I'm with ya on the SPRING thing... it won't come FAST enough for me either! At least we've had a few sunny days lately, that sure helps!
    I found some great lifting gloves at Sport Chek (not sure if you have those where you live) but you can also buy great one's on-line! (brand: Harbinger)

    Good luck Babe!!!
    3861 days ago
  • JANAY5
    Keep up the great work.. I can't wait for winter to be over also....
    3861 days ago
    i feel ya. i hated waking up on the weekends to go to work too... it really sucked. and i agree about winter, i hate it too! i don't like the cold and i hate the way the sun looks in the wintertime... it's weird. it makes everything look yucky instead of bright and pretty. oh well, it's almost march!! bring on the warm weather! emoticon
    3861 days ago
    Ugh I have acne right now annoying! It sounds like you are doing great on your exercise. Keep up the great work! It is so easy sometimes to let the grouchy mood effect working out, kudos to you for keeping at it.

    3861 days ago
    3861 days ago
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