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yikes- I broke it! need some SP support!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am down but don't count me out.
The morning that I was supposed to start my Y not b a lose program and the Y-I was so excited! I got up extra early with a plan to go do some weight lifting at the gym and then return home for an hour of cardio on my treadmill- then it was going to be off to work.
Well-----the best laid plans and all that jazz-------------
I fell down the steps. I thought that I was on the landing and did not see the final step. I missed it and broke my fibula and damaged my ankle joint, stretched out all the ligaments and tendons in that foot and ankle. I am SOOOOO disappointed.
This all happened on monday. I was in such a whining, "oh the pain" mood that I purposely waited to log on and blog about it. The fracture is not stable and I can feel the bones sliding and moving. I believe that is the bulk of the pain. I also am not used to navigating on crutches. Wow, makes things that I need to do very difficult and time consuming. Hate to admit, but took my first real shower today.
It could be worse. I don't know what I would have done if I had fractured an arm also. My employer seems to be cooperating and I have hopes that something can be worked out for my return to work. I have an ortho appointment tomorrow to see if I need surgery or not. I just fear the pain that is going to be caused as they move my foot and ankle around. I don't want to make a fool of myself screaming.
Also.....very strange that I have thought of this----I cannot weigh. My love affair with the scale is on hold. There would be no way to get an accurate weight at this point. I have been watching what I eat and decided that this is not the time to "throw in the towel" and start pigging out for comfort. Food will not make this pain go away! I am eating less and reminding myself that I am burning very few calories laying around all day. I actually have plans to return to weight lifting at the gym when I get my permanent cast. Too dangerous with the splint that I am wearing now. I figure, why let the arms get weak? Nothing is wrong with them and I miss all the "regulars" at the gym.
My friends from work have been great. My biggest problem is getting transportation for my child. I have lots offers to transport him, load off my mind.
My biggest fear is what will happen at the ortho appointment. How do you make someone that does not know you at all, understand that even though you are obese you are still very active. How do I tell them that I want to get back to running and please remember that as you make treatment decisions. As much as I fear surgery I would rather that if it makes me able to do my fast walking and running again. I just need to speak up for myself and make certain that they understand.
I may be down, but don't count me out. I need to modify and move on. Spark Community- if you have activity suggestions that can get me through this or any food suggestions that have helped you through a time like this please let me know-
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    Oh goodness, I'm very sorry to hear about your accident. I am a little behind on posting a note, so how are things going for you at this point? You have lots of folks out here hoping for your complete recovery and return to full motion! emoticon
    2968 days ago
    I was shocked when Andrew told me you broke your leg. I am here for you to help out. I can be your taxi driver, chef, etc. I even have some 10 lb and 3 lb hand weights to lend you. What ever you need! Be strong and don't let this get you down. You have a lot of support.

    I with you Janice!

    2976 days ago
  • CARLY-81
    Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your injury. Stay STRONG! Do not allow this to get you down. It's great to hear that you are planning to continue working your upper body and not cave in to the temptations of soothing yourself with comfort foods - that is fantastic! You CAN get through this!! Keep a strong positive attitude - I am no doctor but I truly believe that your mind is the most powerful part of your body and by staying focused and staying positive and truly believing that you will pull through this you can and WILL make a miraculous recovery. The best medicine you can give yourself is a positive mental outlook.. the mind body connection is such a powerful thing.. always remember that and I will keep you in my thought and prayers! emoticon
    2976 days ago
    Oh wow, you poor thing! My sister, CMRAND54, slipped on her deck last fall and fractured her ankle. She had to have surgery on it. They never did stick a cast on it. She wore some special boot and had to keep it at an angle on a little cart thing. If you have any questions, I'm sure she would be happy to answer what she can. The ortho dr. will have definite guidelines regarding exercise and it will be critical for you to follow his/her instructions to allow for the best healing. I wish I lived by you to help, but it sounds like you have some good support from local friends and co-workers. Hang in there, Sweet Lady, like you said - you are down but NOT out!
    2976 days ago
    Hang in there. I am so sorry to hear about your fall. As far as the ortho - if you dont link how you are treated do you have right to fire that one and get a new one. I had to get a new OB for this pregnancy as my former and only OB is 2 states away. I put notes out on places like Craigslist community and said what I was looking for - namely someone who would see me not the number on the scale. I was given several referrals from real people - checked out the docs online reviews - and picked a WONDERFUL doc who sees me and the baby and not the scale. There are LOTS of orthos out there. If one sees the weight and not you - look elsewhere. I am here for you in any way I can - even if it is just an ear to listen.
    2976 days ago
    Wow. I am so sorry to hear about your break. Never broken anything myself. Just hang in there and don't get discouraged. Maybe this will be a good time to really focus on what you eat, try new things. As for exercise you could also ask for ideas at the dr appt, that will also let them know that you are an active person. I would think keep your upper body weights going. Also crutches will build those shoulders and burn calories. My husband broke his leg really bad 4 months before we got married and he was on crutches for 13 months. It was really bad spiral fx and they didn't operate. I know he burned alot of calories getting around on those crutches. Will be thinking of and praying for you tomorrow for dr appt. Hopefully it will just be 6 weeks. Don't give up. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2976 days ago
  • RESULTS361AP09
    I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you get good news from the orthopedic surgeon. Some of the Spark videos may work for you if you modify them a bit. Maybe biceps curls, shoulder presses, etc could be done while sitting down. Just be careful. I am having issues too-I have a herniated disc and will be having surgery next week. I really miss my exercise too, but at the moment I can't move enough to do anything! Good luck & keep us posted.
    2976 days ago
    Oh, I am SO sorry! Make sure you push them tomorrow if they try to dismiss you. It is great that you plan to keep going to the gym. I never broke my leg, but I did injure it severely once and had to spend some time on crutches. I remember being amazed at how quickly I got tired trying to walk around on them. I have broken my wrist and I have to say, I had phantom pain when I read your description of the bones moving!

    Take care of yourself, whine a little if you need to, and keep us updated!

    2976 days ago
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