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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I could go on for what feels like forever on the woes of my stomach. I am writing this to tell you more about me and to maybe get some ideas/help...

Ever since I was a teenager (I'm now 30) I would occasionally need to take TUMS or even OTC Zantac for "indigestion". This would suffice until about 4+ years ago. Ever since then I have been dealing w/ intermittent burning stomach pains which is only prevented w/ Prilosec but it's to the point where I am taking 40 mg/day (twice the OTC dosage) as per my Dr and I am STILL having "breakthough pain." I have been to 2 different GI specialists; one dx me w/ acid reflux and the other w/ dyspepsia. My argument on the reflux dx was that the pain is isolated to my stomach and GOES AWAY WHEN I LAY DOWN and no one can tell me why. I rarely burp/have symptoms in my throat/wake up at night/have chest pain. I have had 2 endoscopys, a CT scan, and an ultrasound - all were unremarkable (no ulcers/abnormalities.) I have also tested (-) for Celiac disease.

Six months after the serious pain began I had tried the South Beach Diet to break my carb cravings. In that time I had run out of my Prilosec and missed getting it refilled and low and behold I did not have pain. (Now if I miss even 1 dose I am in pain by lunchtime.) The problem is that Phase 1 of SB is not something I could maintain. I had NO ENERGY to exercise, headaches, etc. It was horrible. So back to carbs & Prilosec I went!

Recently, I have started seeing a certified nutritionist to try to get to the bottom of the stomach pain and my lack of energy. She did some screenings and believes I am deficient in protein absorption and is trying me on different supplements but I suspect the Prilosec could be why I am not absorbing protein right. She cannot recommend that I stop since she's not a Dr and I know if I stop I will be in pain. Ugh! I am just so frustrated!! I am going to email her tonight to see if she will contact my GI Dr and maybe work TOGETHER w/ him?!

Things that seem to aggravate it are alcohol, coffee, tomatoes/tomato products, oranges/OJ, drinks w/ citric/malic acid, apples, and possibly items w/ artificial sweeteners. I have almost eliminated art. sweeteners from my diet so that's a start. But the problem w/ the rest is that I can enjoy them SOMETIMES, yet other times they completely light my stomach on fire. The easiest thing to do would be just eliminate it all but I really enjoy some of these things..and sometimes I can w/ no problem (I think it would be easier if they always hurt me.) I LOVE coffee and have cut back to 2 cups/day and I really enjoy tomato stuff and apples :) I could care less if I have alcohol again but I do occasionally drink some wine.

I have decided to elminate alcohol completely, I have already cut back on my sweets, and eventually will start cutting back on other carbs too. I am curious to see if I would be OK w/o the meds if I just had fruit/veg as my carbs instead of whole grains? I have also decided to be more diligent about tracking my food on SP as I have TOTALLY been slacking w/ it lately. I am wondering if there are other connections/triggers I am missing?

I am just so frustrated at this point and I really I hope I find something that works that I can stick with.
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    You MUST get to the bottom of this!! Keep searching till you find someone who can help you!!
    3340 days ago
  • MRSSASS2010

    I don't know the answer, but wanted to lend my support. I can only imagine how difficult that can be to deal with over the years. And aggravating to not get a correct DX!

    Hang in there and don't give up!

    3340 days ago
    I hope you feel better soon. I have digestive issues as well but just do NOT want to see the GI guy and have them stick a tube down my throat thank you very much. I was on tons of medicines but went off them all because they were making me sicker, really. I limit what and when I eat and how much which seems to help my stomach but still struggle with intestine issues. I do hope you put the food tracker to good use so you can see a pattern and change the things that make you feel bad. emoticon
    3341 days ago
    My wife had stomach issues much of her life. Since we started eating mainly vegan last year, she's only had problems on the few meals she has meat or dairy. You could try to have days without meat and dairy and mark down if you have problems on those days or not. There is dairy in so many things that you have to be careful with all the ingredients of everything you eat. Just a suggestion on something that would be relatively easy to check on.
    3341 days ago
    IBS???? Did you ask the Dr about that????

    HUGS my friend
    3341 days ago
    I am in awe of your perseverance. I know you are not going to give up until you have this stomach pain issue solved. Keep trying. We all want you healthy and happy. Hope you find relief very soon.
    3341 days ago
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