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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So I've been going through the Weight Loss Losers videos on YouTube, and Alejandro made a video regarding cheat days. At the end of his videos, he asked some questions that I think are excellent. Really makes you think about making conscious food decisions, regardless of circumstances.

So here are my answers:


#1: Do you take cheat days?
Yes, although mine usually end up only being a cheat meal.

#2: If so, when are they, and why do you pick that day?
I take mine on Friday. That's when all the healthy food supplies tend to be low in the house, and whatever I cooked up at the beginning of the week may be looking a little green by then. Besides, it's FRIDAY.

#3: What do you consider "cheating"? (eating whatever you want, going over points, extra calories?)
I consider cheating to be getting lunch at the Subway across the street. I typically get a 12" turkey sandwich, then I buy some cane sugar soda. However, even then I try to eat a salad and then I walk over (~10 mins).

#4: Why does or doesn't a cheat day work for you?
My cheat day (which is really just a cheat meal) works for me because I'm getting the rush, deliciousness, and satisfaction of fast food while staying relatively healthy. Also, Friday night is when I go shopping for the next week, so I am brought right back into the zone of healthy eating.

#5: Do you consider cheat days going "off-plan"? Why or why not?
No, because my plan includes the cheat day. When I plan out my food for the next week, I honestly set aside Friday as Subway Day. The only time I would consider something as going off-plan is if I went to a special event (restaurant, party buffet, etc) and just went crazy with unbalanced or sugary foods. As long as I keep my meals balanced and relatively sugar-low, regardless of where they are, I don't consider it "off-plan".


That's not to say that I never eat improper food (just look at myNutrition, you'll see the ice cream). But it's a different mindset. Those improper foods are working their way out of my diet, while my Subway Day is included in my plan.

Alejandro's Weight Loss Loser video:
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    Thanks for the comment!

    I debated whether to call weekends my cheat day(s), since they're the biggest pitfall for me diet-wise. Since I'm home, I have access to a whole bunch of "unhealthy" foods (most of which I didn't buy). However, I think of those meals the same way I think of the ice cream - they're on their way out. I'm starting to buy some of those "quick-cooking" organic/natural meals on Friday night so I'm covered.

    So yes, Subway is my cheat day because it's the only one I'm planning for. :-P

    You make an excellent point about maintaining, though. Once this journey is "over", I'll need to know how to do my best with what life hands me. As you said, it may not be the ideal foods, but I'll be better equipped to know how to handle them.

    Besides, little cheats along the way keep me from reverting to the weekly pint of Ben & Jerry's. :P
    4131 days ago
  • SUE5007
    I also have a cheat day...and like you it is more like a meal. (P.S. A subway sandwich is cheating??!?)
    I take mine Saturday. Friday is my weigh in day so giving myself a cheat meal the next day means I have a lot of days to work it off if needed. What is partly included in my cheat day is that I also don't track my food that day. Saturday is my busiest day so I never have SP close at hand when it comes time to eat. I am still health-concious. And will get a side of fruit with my hamburger instead of fries, or get a grilled chicken sandwich w/o any sauce and always order water instead of soda, etc.
    I also don't consider it going off plan, because like you I plan on it! =) I think it's also a peek into what maintaining is going to be like. Not depriving myself of the things I like...moderation! There are going to be days when I am not in the position to grab the healiest thing I can think of. And I won't be tracking my food everyday during maintenance. But making the best decision at the time and doing well the rest of the week is how you keep the weight off.

    Have a great day!

    4132 days ago
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