21 days of learning to JUST KEEP...taking BABY STEPS

Monday, February 22, 2010

Well as I was cruising around SparkPeople one day I came across a blog written by SpunkyDucky, it was very good and I got a lot out of it, so I wanted to leave her a message on her sparkpage to tell her.
While leaving the message I saw the teams she currently was a member of and ONE caught my eye (probably for no other reason other than the name of the team sounds like a "dare", like maybe I might not be able to complete it) HAHAHA, so I clicked on the link. The link took me to the team called "100 DAY CHALLENGE". Reading the "rules" of the challenge I saw the idea was simple, JUST workout for 100 days CONSECUTIVELY (oh if it were only that easy). I thought about it for about 3 seconds (maybe less), and jumped in with both feet, not really understanding what I was getting into (I really didn't).

Day 1 for me was Monday, February 1st, and being a Monday it fit right into my normal workout plan where I would exercise on M,Tu,W,Th, then do a max day on Saturday (its the workout schedule I have found works best for betting the results I would like to see). M-Th workouts went as normal, Friday I was feeling good had a good workout, then came Saturday Max Day :) GRRRRR Honestly I was so "weak" when it came to lifting heavy as I normally did, because I never "rested" during the week. HO HUM, on Sunday I was still understandably TIRED so I did "easy" cardio.
emoticon emoticonWEEK ONE DONE (only 13 weeks and 2 days left to go) emoticon
Well on to week two, I knew I had to adjust what I was doing for my workouts because I would not get the results I wanted if I was just exhausted all the time, and for the best results I would need to rest different areas of my body while still getting a valuable workout in other areas, AND so I would be satisfying my 100 day challenge requirements. LOL
So on week 2 I really separated upper body vs lower body, with M (lower), Tu (upper), W (lower), Th (upper), F (cardio only, not hard), S (MAX DAY), Sunday (EASY, EASY, EASY, cardio), the separations of upper and lower were not exclusive as I would do very light weight on the "other side" on the off days (so I was still doing a whole body workout, just modified)
THIS GAVE ME THE RESULTS I WANTED, I had a good M-F workout week, and I had a good Saturday Max Day. to top it off I also had very good energy levels throughout the week (except immediately after my workouts) LOL So I knew I was still getting good workouts in, and now my recovery time was even getting shorter.
Now for last week (week 3), after having such amazing success on week 2 I didnt change much. What I did alter was my cardio on heavy leg days I would do speed training (cardio) and on upper body days i would work on endurance (slow speed but longer time, and yet still cardio).

In the 21 days I completed

2778 total fitness minutes (thats an average of over 132 minutes a day)

I ran/walked/ellipticaled/steppe
d for
Week 1 - 1.75 miles in 35 minutes
Week 2 - 3.75 miles in 95 minutes
Week 3 - 4.0 miles in 70 minutes

I rode (different types of bikes, recumbent to even a spin bike) for
Week 1 - 32.15 mi in 123 min
Week 2 - 37.5 mi in 183 min
Week 3 - 34 mi in 133 min

for a total of
9.5 miles in 200 minutes on my feet,
103.65 miles in 439 minutes on some sort of bike.
Not counting the circuit training, coaching, and "other" activities I was doing.

WHEW just looking at all of this made me wonder HOW IN THE WORLD???

My conclusion was BABY STEPS
Its the principle laid out by Dori the fish, "just keep swimming." It doesn't matter how fast or how much all that matters is you JUST KEEP...
I listened to my body and kept moving forward, trying new things, from climbing stairs, to pedaling faster, to just going for a walk with my wife, and yes Amy I even rode a mile on one of those crazy butt hurting SPIN BIKES (now I know why Coach Nicole recommends buying a gel seat).

We have a saying I learned in weightlifting
"ALL WEIGHTLIFTING IS COMPLIMENTARY" meaning there are different types but all is helpful, you will see gains no matter what you do. Obviously some may be more profitable, and take less time for you to "see" those gains, but all IS profitable.

Now for week 4 I am going to flip it just to see what happens and do endurance on leg days and speed on upper body days.
Changing it up might actually speed up my progress, but I wont know unless I try something different (it may even slow it down), but I do know in the end ALL of it will be in the right direction, if you look at the long term.

I was talking to a lady I know about a month ago, and she was frustrated with how long it was taking her to lose weight (about half a pound a week). When I got her to step back and see that her losses would add up to just over 2lbs a month, and 26lbs a year, AND ASK HER ISN'T THERE VALUE IN THAT. All she could see was the NOW, so what if it takes 3 years to accomplish your TOTAL GOAL, IT STILL IS A GOAL THAT WAS ACCOMPLISHED. She accepted that and after about a month and only losing 2 lbs, the next month she lost 5, and now she is a crazy fat burning machine having lost a total of 23 lbs in 4 months (a place she would have never gotten to IF 1/2 of a pound wasnt good enough, to JUST KEEP...).

I encourage you to do the same, move in a positive direction, play with your workouts, see what works for YOU. And most of all just because great things are happening for me using this mold does not mean you will get the same results, BUT YOU WILL GET RESULTS (and maybe even better, but you will never know until you take those first BABY STEPS.

I hope you can tell I'm ENJOYING THE RIDE

Oh Yeah and I set it up so that this blog put me at 15,000 Spark Points

BIG THANK YOUs to for inspiring me, to be a better me.
And Hollynn when I hit my goal weight you got one "skinny"(instead of big) hug coming for inspiring me to push harder than I ever thought I could. 100 days, REALLY??? LOL
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    How inspiring! Just yesterday I looked back at my daily journals. (Each day I weigh myself and that is the first thing I record) This allows me to see my yoyoing. But I don't focus on the yoyoing, I focus on the loss. As you say - baby steps to get me to where I'd like to be.

    Thanks for your encouraging blogs. Keep them coming.
    Here's looking to the Future, Vicki emoticon
    4020 days ago
  • MLW0421
    emoticon I might now have to go and join that team myself. Maybe it will give me the motivation I need.
    4020 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6409041
    Wow, thats incredible how those baby steps add up. I think im going to start tracking my activity like that too. Was really interesting to tal up all the miles weekly emoticon
    4021 days ago
    Ok, so I may be a little bit biased ;)
    But I think I am your biggest fan! You are able to communicate after 3 weeks what it took me about 3 months to figure out...I like how you phrased it too "just keep swimming" Something about exercising each day makes me proud of myself and it makes me want to do more, be better...I want so much to actually see my potential someday and this is the first step. I also alternate "hard" and "easy" days and I purprosely never made a minimum amount of minutes to this challenge (although I think it is healthy to have personal goals...mine is 45 min a day minimum) but I know some people doing the challenge are doing 10-20 minutes a day and I think that the benefits emotionally are the same. Because no matter how many minutes your minimum is...somedays you will not want to do it. Somedays it takes every bit of strength I have to get on the recumbent bike (which is my "easy"exercise). And the days that I do it anyway...those are the days that I am most proud of myself. Dennis, something you should know - this gets much easier after the first month because you won't even think about not doing it. It will actually be second nature and the rest is just a matter of sitting back and enjoying the ride :)
    I am so proud of you for sticking with it and for spreading the Spark to others. In addition to a skinny hug, I fully anticipate making you a co-leader of the team in another 10 weeks (assuming you want to). Keep moving forward, keep shaking it up and keep blogging these awesome blogs
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4021 days ago
    You are the man! Kicking butt and taking names. I've got some serious looking over my shoulder, surgery and all, to do. But 100 days consecutively working out, no rest... I don't know about that, then again, maybe that's what I need to get my butt in gear again. Although with surgery a week away, that's not going to happen anytime soon. Keep Sparking!

    Take care and stay healthy

    emoticon emoticon
    4021 days ago
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