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I Just Don't Wanna!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Here I am at 9:24 in the morning, sitting at my computer in my bath robe. I have been this way for over two hours now.

I just don't wanna get into my day.

I feel tired and worn out today.

I fell during my cleaning marathon, and it was all my own carelessness.

I was cleaning one of the "Ted Piles" I live with. Ted is DH.

We have this really lovely huge window that looks out over the Strait of Juan de Fuca where we can see all the islands and Canada. In front of the window is a bench. I could barely see out to the views with all the STUFF piled up on the window ledge and the bench. In front of the bench is YeowLing's bed, too.

DH is good at creating piles. I mean he is GOOOOOOOOD!!! He can make new piles in nano seconds. No wonder he never knows where any thing is.

So, after six months of warning him, I decide I am going to clean off the bench and window ledge. I should have photographed the piles first.

Once he saw that I was cleaning the piles, and that I was not going to let him get in the way, he got his SCARED look. He is always terrified when I decide to clean for him. It didn't take him long to decide to go out, which was exactly what I was hoping would happen.

I spent over four hours on that one area of the house.

I sorted, boxed and threw away. I dusted, washed and organized. I found CDs among the rubble and put them all back in the rack...alphabettically as well as types of music.

I was making a huge mess around me on the floor, but kept at it. I should have stopped to clean up the mess I was making.

Somewhere along the cleaning frenzy, I came across a stainless steel container. It is about 12 inches high, and 6 inches in circumference. I had carelessly thrown it down on the cat bed, then piled crap on top of it.

A number of times I said to myself "I should really move the cat bed and pick up all the stuff that is littered all over." I didn't do it.

So, toward the end of getting all his stuff put away and organized, I finally stood up to get a plastic garbage bag for all the trash scattered on the floor.

I took at big step to go over some of the bigger stuff, and without knowing it (because it was so covered up with stuff to throw away), my foot came down on the stainless container.

Down I go. I try to lessen the fall with my arms and hands, which I do, but then my foot goes sliding out from under me because I am also standing on the cat bed, over hard wood floors.
Not good.

I go down right onto my hip. It hurts like the dickens, but my only comment was "Wow, that could have been really BAD".

Then my mind flashes on to all those TV commercial (help, I've fallen and can't get up). Then I remember hearing or reading somewhere that 3 out of 10 Sr. Americans fall every day. Then the Life Alert thing comes to mind.

Then my age comes to mind.

Then my frail mother comes to mind. She had broken her hip while hanging up some clothes in the closet. Eventually, that broken hip caused her death.

Yes, I am actually getting older.

I have been priding myself on how much stronger and more balanced I have become since joining Spark. I have made great changes in my body.

Obviously I now have to make great changes in my thinking.

There was no other reason for my fall than carelessness on my part. I was simply too stubborn to clean up the mess I was making while I was cleaning another mess.

Foolish me.

My hip hurts, and I am sure I have a nice bone bruise. I can walk okay, but it is a bit uncomfortable.

So, today I don't wanna walk or do my work outs. I don't wanna get out of my bathrobe. I don't wanna take a shower.

I know I will feel much better once I do get moving, showered and dressed, but right now??

I just don't wanna!

Oh, yeah. The window is completely cleared, and the view is beautiful.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh, I am soooo mad at him. You can let him know it too, I DON'T CARE! emoticon
    3036 days ago
    What a spill you took. I am extremely grateful to hear that you did not break anything. I too love to glow in the results of a good old fashioned cleaning job being completed. Thankfully you can now enjoy your view, even with your sore hip. Take care my friend, and wishing you a speedy recovery.
    3037 days ago
  • AMYJEAN911
    I'm so glad you're ok.. well, at least not majorly hurt. I hope you took a day off and just laid low.

    3038 days ago
    Just think how much worse it would be if you weren't in good shape and weigh less.
    Everyone deserves a moment or two or three to sit and not do anything but - well, nothing.
    Take care of your hip for a few days.
    I hope DH is waiting on you with a smile.
    3038 days ago
    Ow, ow, ow--this sounds like something I would do! Take care of yourself and feel better; listen to your body and don't push it too hard.
    3038 days ago
    OH NO!! This is totally something I would do...LOL! I am so clumsy so I am constantly tripping and stumbling over everything. It is especially bad if I am working in my craft room, where things can get a little cluttered. I hope you decided to take it easy today and I hope you feel better soon!

    3038 days ago
  • LINDA25427
    My husband is the same way about his computer desk you would think he lived at it ,which I think he does he has food containers candy and cookie, wrappers and paper, books, cd's, games , you name it and I believe it is there ,even his tools. I unpiled it about a year ago and it took me hours sorting things out . Why can't they just clean up after themselves and make our lives easier .
    Sorry you fell and hurt your hip,glad you didn't break it, or that it wasn't any worse . Take care, take it easy relax you went through alot to see that view enjoy it you deserve that and so much more . God bless. emoticon emoticon
    3038 days ago
    Sandy, do be careful and take care of that sore hip. I do know what you are talking about but part of the piles at our house are mine. When dh cleans them up, 99% go in the trash.
    3038 days ago
    Oh Sandy. emoticon I'm so sorry you are getting older. I'm so sorry you didn't listen to yourself. I'm so sorry your hubby likes to make piles. I'm so sorry you're wore out.
    Ok, all seriousness aside. Take a hot bath, slip into a nice pretty robe with matching slippers, put your feet up and enjoy a nice cup of tea. I'm really glad that you didn't hurt yourself any worse. Take care....Karen emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3038 days ago
    Sandy, so sorry about your fall. Take care of yourself. Take time to recuperate if you need to. Take as many hot showers or warm baths as you'd like to. That's what I'd do.
    3038 days ago
    Take today off. If you hurt, rest and relax. There's always that chance of making your aches and pains even worse! And that just can't happen! Take today off, and if need be, take tomorrow off. Besides, You deserve a day off.
    3039 days ago
  • TERI99
    Today sounds like a perfect day to take a workout break and just enjoy the beautiful unimpeded view from your picture window! I'm glad you weren't hurt badly, and I hope your husband survived the disbanding of his piles!
    Have a restful day!
    3039 days ago
    I'm glad you weren't hurt more seriously. Maybe you should take it easy today to rest those bumps and bruises and get back going tomorrow. While you're resting, you can enjoy the view!
    (I do wish they had some sort of house cleaning emoticon!)
    3039 days ago
  • WANDAC2013
    Feel better, enjoy the view, and LISTEN to that voice that tells you when you SHOULD do something!!!
    3039 days ago
    You can do it! I totally know where you are coming from though! Today was a rough Monday for me, but glad to see that you logged on to SP to get support! You can do it!
    3039 days ago
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