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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 1 ITC is to write about five things that motivate me to make healthy choices.

Well, for one thing, this challenge presumes that I am motivated to make healthy choices. That's a pretty confident presumption!

OK. All kidding aside, I am sometimes motivated to make a healthy choice. It has been known to happen from time to time. I think one of the most difficult problems I've faced on this journey is that I don't really understand why some days I'm so motivated and other days I just couldn't even begin to care. So this is a great exercise for me!

Thing Number One:
I have definitely noticed that when it comes to being motivated to make healthy choices, "success begets success". In other words, if I've already made some awesome choices that day or even that week, I'm that much more motivated to keep it going. Maybe that's what the SP folks mean when they talk about "streaks".

Thing Number Two:
In keeping with the first one, but not exactly the same, I'm more motivated when I'm feeling really good about myself in general. So if school has been rough and then my husband is snarly (which is more often than not) and then a friend is too busy to talk, and the weather is awful, well... by the time I get home, I am ready to declare open season on M&Ms and brownies. But on the other hand, if I got a great grade or a prof said something encouraging, I had a great long talk with my parents on the phone, I feel loved and admired, and just generally happy with my life, then I don't even think about the junk food and it's so easy to be enthusiastic about putting together some great healthy meals and going for that walk or workout session.

Thing Number Three:
This one is tricky, because it depends on how I'm feeling, but most of the time, seeing something I really want to do will motivate me. Remembering how much I loved to ride horses (and I'm reminded a lot more these days, now that I am out walking trails all the time), wanting to be able to ice skate again, wanting to try skiing or snowboarding will often make me less tempted to swing by the drive-through or plow through a plate of cookies. Even going through my very large box of summer clothes, none of which I've been able to wear for years and some of which I've never even worn really puts me back on track because of how desperately I want to be able to wear all those cute and fun clothes I see my friends wearing. Have to be careful though, because if I think about wanting to get pregnant and finally having my babies, I can quickly become hopeless and get into a downward spiral.

Thing Number Four:
Being able to motivate others. This is good for me to realize! It's true, I want to be able to inspire someone else who is suffering and enduring her or his life inside a flesh prison to know that it IS possible! Escape is possible! Freedom is theirs for the taking! In order to help others, even those right in my own family, I need to be a huge (pun intended!) success story that they can't argue with. I have the same genetics, the same health concerns, and lower financial status as my family and so if I can do it, they will hopefully be inspired and know they can have the same success.

Thing Number Five:
The most motivating thing I can think of is to know that by taking care of the body He gave me, living a life of health and balance and exuberance and joy, I would be an excellent steward and it would be one more way I can glorify the Name of God. If someone sees me defeated and trapped, weak and hopeless, groaning under the weight of all my bad choices, what will they think of my Lord? But if I lean on Him and seek the wholeness and health He wants for us, then I become a cup filled with His joy, and people will see God's beauty and grace through me even more than they did before.

What a great exercise! I feel like I'm a big step closer to understanding myself and the way I make choices. I'm going to print this out and put it in my journal so I can see it every day and learn how to recognize my triggers and how to dodge the bullets!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I like it...it really gets me thinking about my motivation...what is leading me to want to achieve my goals!! Go BEAUTIES!

    2983 days ago
    I really liked your blog, Pookibear, and it's motivating me, so you get to claim success with Reason #4 today!

    2984 days ago
  • TERRIJ_1
    Good Job !!! I hope I am a s motivated as you are !!!
    2984 days ago
    wow !!!..u are doing some heavy work ..good job..thats what I call commitment keep it up ..the more time we put into this journey the more likely the success don't ya think? emoticon trish
    2984 days ago
    wow !!!..u are doing some heavy work ..good job..thats what I call commitment keep it up ..the more time we put into this journey the more likely the success don't ya think? emoticon trish
    2984 days ago
    emoticon Wonderful! And I'm proud of you for taking a good hard look at yourself and being willing to acknowledge your motivators! LOVE your page, too! Go Beauties!
    2985 days ago
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