Woo Hoo! Down another 2.8 pounds!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm so excited. If you told me a month ago that after just 5 weeks I would be 13 pounds lighter, I would have said you were crazy. I can't believe how much different I feel. Definitely a good different. I'm in a brand new pair of jeans, and these are already loose. My husband says he can definitely tell the difference. He says that he can even see the difference in my face. I guess I'm going to take another look. LOL.

My zumba dvds showed up yesterday, and while I watched the introduction dvd, I haven't participated yet. :) But I will! My gazelle will be here tomorrow and I've very excited about that. I'll have my hubby dragging it into the living room and setting it up, that way I will be confronted with it daily and it will ensure that I use it.

I've been a bit tired lately, but I know that's because I've been getting up in the middle of the night with the crying puppy. Who knew that it would be so much like having a real baby in the house. Wakes me up in the middle of the night, wants to eat, take him outside (diaper equivalent), doesn't want to go right back to sleep, etc. I'll be glad when he starts sleeping through the night. He's doing better, but it will be a few more weeks, no doubt. And knock on wood, but the house breaking has been going really really well. Walter is fitting into the family with ease.

Next up is new car shopping. Ugh. A few years ago, I told my hubby that we really should look into getting a mini-van. He looked at me like I had a 3rd eye in the middle of my forehead. He didn't like mini-vans, he won't drive one, yah da yah da yah da... Fast forward to this week. My wonderful hubby was on a business trip, and had an evening to kill. So, he went to the movies, and on the way back to the hotel, he decided to stop at a car dealership and take a look around. What do I get? A phone call telling me, he really likes the minivans, and we should looking into getting one. LOL! While I'm very pleased that he's finally come around to my way of thinking, but why is it that when it was my idea I was nuts, but now that it's his, it's ingenious. :) Not complaining either. I'm going to wind up with the new car that we are needing. We are at a crossroads with my car. It's going to need some repairs in the very near future, and the amount that would be going into it would easily pay for a quarter of the costs of the new car. So, new car it is.

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