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Detours and road blocks and video games and destiny

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ever notice how inspiration and insight comes from the strangest things? How inter-related life is? How the messages come out of nowhere, how an issue in one area of life is an analogy or allusion or illustration or parable for something totally unrelated?

It's dry season right now, which means lots of tourists. It also means LOTS of roadwork. And while tourist season may not seem like the best time for repairing roads, well, it's dry season, rather than rainy season, so this really is the only time for road repairs.

There are at least 4 major road repairs going on right now, all in the vicinity of our school. Meaning no matter which way I try to go, I'm going to run into a road block. Detour. Road work on one side necessitating delays and inconviences and slowdowns. To get somewhere that usually takes under 10 minutes now takes 35 minutes (I clocked it). Sometimes, the fastest way is to go halfway home and then backtrack on another road where there is no roadwork. For after school errands and appointments, well, patience and planning ahead are the keys.

So - how does this relate to my first paragraph? Well, there's the obvious - Patience and planning ahead are the keys to weight loss and fitness. Change can be slow, no matter how much we want to hurry those changes along - but we need to be patient and stick with our plan and know that the change will come. Planning ahead - meals, exercise, how to avoid our pitfalls - these are necessary to achieving weight loss and fitness. We will encounter road blocks and detours no matter how much we plan - the family celebration, the work event, the day when you just have to have that (insert food item, for me it's chocolate chip cookies and/or ice cream) or you will DIE, you know you will. And so we have to plan ahead to avoid those situations, or plan to embrace them by eating less and exercising more, and have patience that we will reach our goal.

At the same time, this is the map to life in general. How many of us started school knowing exactly what kind of job we wanted, and where we'd be? Most of us encountered detours and road blocks along the way. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but by the time I started college (1972) there was a glut of teachers on the job market, not enough openings, and everyone said don't go into education. So I didn't, I majored in humanities/arts, I wandered through a number of jobs for about 10 years, and finally I went back to school and got my teaching certificate and have been teaching art for 24 years. And I love love LOVE my job. I detoured, I was stopped by the road block, but my detour eventually led me back to where I wanted to go. It just took me longer. But I got there.

Life is like a giant video game. Every moment we make a choice, it's an "if - then" situation - if you decide A, then A2 will happen. If you decide B instead, then B2 will happen. Every choice leads us either to the path we want, or along a detour we might choose (or not, depending on the road block).

The more detours we take, the longer it takes for us to reach our destination, our destiny. And whether you believe in karma, or pre-destination, or a God who pre-ordains our destiny, we still have some end in sight - and we will reach that end no matter how many detours we take.

So - just like in SparkPeople - plan ahead, have patience, look at each road block and figure out the shortest - or most interesting - detour around that road block. Because you will get there, no matter what you do.

The trick is to enjoy the detours, and enjoy the ride.

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    This is a great blog....really makes you stop and think.

    Thanks for posting.

    Hope you have a sunny, relaxing weekend and easy on that shoulder.

    Mary Anne emoticon
    2985 days ago
    I love the video game comparison. I will use that! Great blog!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    2986 days ago
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