Back pain... receding...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So! My back is obviously on the mend: the worst pain is when I get out of bed, before I've had a chance to stretch my back out for the day, and after that, it's sort of business as usual, which is great!

The reason it's mostly great is because, having joined the gym, I sort of need to be upright for most of the work.

(Speaking of: www.fatgirlslim.org/?p=4
- I actually thought my legs were going to fall off!)

But yeah, it looks like everything's on the up for me right now. I certainly feel better in myself, and my mood is slowly improving as I take on more exercise. And luckily, both the gym around the corner and the one at the swimming pool are both open really late - 9pm and 10pm, respectively - so even if (WHEN!) I get a job, I'll still be able to attend.

Which, really, is good news all around.

Except for my Mum, who does the washing in the house, and suddenly has to do, like, twice as much from my sweaty and chlorinated clothes. Oops.

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