Monday, February 15, 2010

For years and years and years, I ate snacks while driving, reading, watching TV, working, relaxing, and ... amazingly while eating my dinner. No wonder I was just a smuge under 300 lbs. All that eating took up a lot of my time and well just numbed me to anything happening around me including the reading, driving, watching TV, working, etc. All I was "enjoying" was stuffing my feelings down with the snacks and once they were gone, emptiness set in.

Getting rid of all that eating creates a void or what I call a pothole in my soul. All that time has to be filled with other activities other than eating. All those feelings that were buried under piles of numbness have to be dealt with.

Just like all the road potholes that are showing up here, how I fix those potholes will determine how long they last and how durable they are. Sometimes those pothole "fixes" barely make it through the next storm or crisis.

For me one of my most durable soul pothole solutions has been exercise. Today I am celebrating the two year anniversary of my decision to join the local community center fitness center. I never in my wildest dreams ever though I would still be exercising .... well at all AND with intensity and consistency. Just shows you that you are never too old to learn and enjoy something new.

Here is wishing everyone success in their own battles with those potholes in their souls. I am continuing the search for more durable "fixes".

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