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Saturday, February 13, 2010

So I was surfing around online, looking for low calorie snacks (which, if you have a favorite, you should post it below), and I found this group advocating the "Five-Bite Diet". Now, I admit, I didn't research this idea thoroughly; I only read the summary that was posted for newbies and the posts of many of the members in this particular message thread. However, it seems like the gist of this diet is: you eat five bites of whatever you want at lunch and five bites of whatever you want at dinner. I'm not sure what you're supposed to do about breakfast, although I did see some members posting that they were doing five bites at breakfast too (and other people reacted with shock: "are you STILL losing weight that way??" and so I imagine that they are supposed to completely skip breakfast.). Anyway... FIVE BITES? I'm supposed to be full and satisfied with FIVE BITES? Give me a break! One member said she would get a lean cuisine meal and eat half of it at lunch and half of it at dinner... that's like 300 calories A DAY! Another member said she was loving this diet because she at a snickers bar (in five bites) at lunch and a snickers bar for dinner. What?? I don't care if you ARE taking a multi-vitamin... this is NOT healthy. Apparently, this diet is recommended by a doctor who wants you to diet fast and then get back to your life. As if: 1.) you wouldn't have stripped all your muscle mass, 2.) you wouldn't have put your body into starvation mode, 3.) you're not going to put it back on immediately.

One objector actually had the courage to post that this diet wasn't healthy and that these people would do better to follow a plan like SparkPeople, where they would learn to balance their diets and live a healthy life. This person was YELLED at (I read one post that said something to the effect of, "I've tried counting everything in the book... calories, fats, carbs... and I've never lost weight. I even tried SparkPeople, and it didn't work.) in a terrible fashion, and accused of being anti-fat person or something. BTW, if you tried SP, and it didn't work for you, then you either didn't stick with it long enough, or you didn't really follow the plan, because it DOES work, and it teaches you how to live at the same time.

Does this bother anyone as much as it bothers me? I don't care about the slam on SP (well, okay, I care a little bit, because it's a fantastic program), but I care that people are abusing their bodies in this way, that they attack others who recommend a more moderate plan, and that their way of dieting is endorsed by a medical doctor.

Just had to vent that. I imagine that you could google "Five Bite Diet" if you're really interested in the specifics. But for now... What do YOU think?
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    I got yelled at by a couple people too. But I am learning that I can only offer advice if they don't listen oh well. You should write the staff a note and see what happens. But in the end I can only change myself. I have enough on my plate and I enjoy my freedom of eating anything if I want. I dont like to limit myself. I do try to eat healthy. I am happy that you see right through it and keep your lifestyle up.
    3826 days ago
    Yeah, that diet sounds very dangerous. Any weight they lost would be muscle because that's the first thing the body tries to use if it can't get enough carbohydrates. Sparkpeople is awesome! I have learned soo very much. It makes everything so easy to understand if people will just take the time to read the articles. Losing weight is hard work, just like anything else that is worth doing. I'm an orchestra teacher and I'm always advocating to my students that if it comes really easy is it really that much credit to you? The more valuable achievements are the ones you have to work for. I think our health is definitely something worth working for!
    3827 days ago
    Wow!! I guess there are fanatics on everything!!! I have heard so many ridiculous diets that I am not surprised by this one. People don't want to take the time to learn how to nourish their bodies healthily. This is an instant gratification society and I suppose that includes dieting. You are absolutely right that they will just gain it right back, because they have not made any lifestyle changes!
    As for the attacks on the poor person who spoke words of wisdom...isn't that pretty much the story of this society too. We have the freedom to speak, but whew, be ready to hear it from the loony birds!!!
    3827 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6063397
    I could not Survive on "Five Bites"...
    It sounds like a "Dead Man's Diet"...
    I would not be on this Diet.....
    3827 days ago
  • LAVON0673
    Glad you found a great place to vent because that sounds like another moronic diet plan that will only end up in a yo yo like sooooo many others. I guess it goes to show how desperate people are and how they will believe anyone. I am glad you know better and that SP is working for you. It is working for me, too. And, I, like so many others feel like I have tried everything else. Except the 5 bite diet of course. Guess I missed that one. Thank goodness. Keep you wits about you and you will get there.

    3827 days ago
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