Friday, February 12, 2010

I've spent a lot of time "hiding" behind outfits that would be far more appropriate for a teenaged boy, or at least Bruce Vilanch.

Oversized t-shirts that hide my belly (not) and a variety of colors of jeans. Complete the outfit with the socks + birkenstocks and there you have my regular attire. (OK, sometimes, if I'm feeling really dressy, I'll wear knee-high leggs with those birkies. Oh, and did I mention that since the dog chewed the bows of my glasses, I have covered the hurty parts with hello kitty bandaids? I decided a year ago to try to look a bit more my age. I bought a bunch of blouses, but since they had to go around my shameful middle, I bought sizes so big that the ends of the sleeves completely covered my hands and would flap in the breeze as I walked. When I lost all the weight (last time) I gave the blouses to a tall friend who didn't look like flipper-hands girl in them, and wore my husband's t shirts. Now I'm in-between -- don't want to be flipper-hands girl, and I don't want to wear my ralphie-from-the-simpsons-eati
ng-paste shirt everywhere, either. I have lots of cute blouses for when I'm 30-40 lbs. lighter, but until then, oh -- hey -- can I borrow your shirt, Bruce??

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    I can certainly relate to this. In fact, one of the things that started me on this path was the fact that only 2 pair of my "FAT" pants even fit me anymore!
    I have entire wardrobes waiting for when I can fit into them.
    My reward for when I reach 200 lbs (1/2 of my goal) is to get some really cute pajammas (several pairs). What I wear now is the most God-Awful ugliest things on earth, but they are comfortable.
    But I long for the days when I can wear something and feel pretty.
    We'll get there.
    Day by day, choice by choice --- we both will reach our goals, and have those cute clothes and the body that shows them off.
    Even better -- we'll be that much healthier (mentally and physically)
    Thanks for your encouragement.
    3025 days ago
  • MEG_1979
    I know how you feel. I tend to wear sweat pants and t-shirts socks and tennis shoes in the winter, flip flops in the summer. I work in an office setting!! It is so easy to fall into the comfortable style when you gain weight. Then it tends to be cheaper to stay that way and cheaper then purchasing clothes that fit the size you are now.

    Maybe find one item once a month that fits you really good...and that way you can mix it with the rest of your clothing until your outfits start fitting the way you want.
    3051 days ago
    I can completely relate to your issue! Buying clothes is NEVER something I enjoy doing. Maybe one day......

    3053 days ago
    I want that first Tee shirt! HAHAHA! Dress the way you want. I have been covering myself for so many decades with big puffy skirts and then I found out the pencil skirts make me look about 25 pounds lighter! I still haven't been able to part with the big, full skirts in my closet. I gues it really is time. Thanks for the blog. emoticon Francesca
    3053 days ago
    I've always battleed when buying clothes. Fit is everything....

    You know, even when I was skinny, I hated shopping for clothes. Because mass-marketed clothes are made to fit an ideal person, and she/he is a construct. I figured out years ago that a little tailoring can help. Pull up the sleeve collars, nip in a waist, hem a little, put in a few darts.
    3053 days ago
    Yea I think that happens to all of us! We wear bigger clothing to hide ourselves, but sometimes getting something your actually size, not ten times bigger, lol can make you look thinner if you get the right cut :)

    You should always get yourself something that you look and that you know looks good on you! Like those blouses you have waiting for you! You should get some blouses now that make you feel good! And I agree with parsonjuniper as well, "you deserve to look beautiful now!"

    3053 days ago
    As a guy, I can SO relate to this post! My wonderful wife actually made me go shopping for clothes (oh the pain... the pain) and buy some dress shirts that from a tailor so they would fit. OMG, they fit!
    3053 days ago

    Buying clothes that fit can really feel like giving in. I know.

    I "solved" it by finding about 6 outfits that sort of work... and I know the people in my office are tired of seeing them... but I am NOT giving away the clothes that I WILL. BE. IN. AGAIN. DAMMIT.

    We'll get there. What would dare stand in OUR way?

    (Besides ourselves, I mean...)
    3053 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/13/2010 10:10:39 AM
    I'm right there - and I drive my hubby crazy! I can change 10 times because I think I look to large... I do know its a mental thing and I am working on it. But my hubbys t-shirts are just so dang comfy - right???? I can't wait to lose this weight, I have tubs in the closet full of stylish clothes (well maybe in their day they were stylish) that I'm dying to pull out. I won't have to go shopping for years. I always had faith it would happen and it tickles me to be on my way. Woo hoo!
    3053 days ago
    Ms. Juniper strikes the nail right on the head! "I also know that we smarty-pantses can talk ourselves into believing that we're above such trivial things as fashion and beauty."

    I too am a fashion victim of the jeans/shorts and snarky, nerdy t-shirts. Though, as a recovering hillbilly, I only wear shoes (even Birks) when I absolutely have to!

    Still, currently I am dealing with what I have, though I do need to get some nice things before I go to Cambridge this summer... also hopefully 30 or 40 pounds lighter. Wanna have a fashion show sometime in June?

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    (Okay, I dunno what that pirate's doing there... wink!)
    3053 days ago
    Okay, gorgeous, emoticon hiding! You look great, but even if you didn't, your kindness and generosity shine through. Stick to your goals, but love that fabulous person that you are.


    3053 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/13/2010 6:36:23 AM
    I think you are very pretty. Finding clothes that fit can be a beotch at any size, though, and you have my sympathy! Cracks me up that at this weight I have to buy 'petite' size fat-chick clothes - lol! I didn't get TALLER - only WIDER!
    3054 days ago
    Ok, when I first looked at this post, before I started reading, I saw that little thumbnail and thought, "What a hideous picture! That looks just like Bruce Villanch!" Whew. Glad that's who it was. The only person who should look like Bruce is...well, Bruce.

    LV, you are a total cutie-pie, extra weight or no extra weight. You need to embrace that NOW. You will feel so much better if you have clothes that fit you and flatter your gorgeousness. I know what it's like to feel like your body is a liability, something you just need to hide. I also know how hard it is to fit an overweight body (ESPECIALLY if you're short. I'm a whole 5'0" and want to kill the entire clothing industry.) Even so, the worst thing in the world for your self-esteem is feeling frumpy and gross. I know what it's like to deny yourself things because you don't "deserve" them until you lose weight. I also know that we smarty-pantses can talk ourselves into believing that we're above such trivial things as fashion and beauty. Bollocks. You have to keep your budget in mind, of course, but you deserve to look and feel beautiful NOW.

    You know why?

    Because you are.

    3054 days ago
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