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Friday, February 12, 2010

Learning from Adversity.

I was bouncing back, starting to feel like me again. I was keeping up with exercise and giving myself a couple of days off of cardio.....everything like I had planned. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans. Yesterday I took off from cardio and was doing errands. I had laundry in the wash and needed to do put the clothes in the dryer. Before I headed down to the basement (where the washer and dryer are), I remembered I had a new bag of cat litter to take down stairs. Not heavy cat litter...a new kind called Nature's Miracle that is relatively light even when "used" and it clumps like the litter I like. Anyway, I go get the cat litter from the kitchen and open the cellar door and almost dropped to my knees. Back pain wrapped around my lower back and around my sides to my abdominal area. Somehow, I managed to throw my back out and my muscles were protesting. I got the litter down stairs, got the laundry into the dryer, and when dry; I managed to bring the laundry back up stairs. Wouldn't you know that the laundry was all my bed linens and I needed to make my bed too? I went to bed last night with heat packs to my back but didn't get much sleep.

The good news is that I have had a good week food wise and exercise wise until yesterday. Now I need to stay focused and get myself back on track with exercise after I take some time to rest. I can't let this setback derail me. My plan is to give myself the weekend to heal up and start in with light cardio again on Monday and resume from there. So that's what things are like in Kerry World this week,
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