What I did right today- Day 118

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am bursting with pride for my mom! I just knew that if I got a Wii fitness program, I could coax her into using it as a fun way to exercise. And I was right! Today she started her own 30 Day Challenge on EA Active. She's going at the Easy level, which I think is a good idea, and hopes to be able to repeat it on Medium when she finishes it. I'm very excited about that, and I hope I can keep her going.

Speaking of, I did the second day of the challenge. It was quite the workout, but I didn't feel like passing out this time. Since Letele said she sometimes gets dizzy using the program to, I have to wonder...is it the effect of watching the game while working out, in which case other Wii fitness games should have the same effect, or is it wearing the leg cuff? I got to thinking maybe it's slightly restricting the femoral artery, which could have a nasty effect during exercise. Something to think about. Whatever it is, it didn't happen today. I did, however, smash my heel into the coffee table while doing jogging, which hurt. A lot. And scared the animals.

So my foot is still hurting. At this rate I don't think I'll be going running tomorrow, either. It's okay, though, because I'm still getting aerobic exercise. I may concede defeat for now and get back into running once I've dropped another ten pounds, my legs are stronger with the exercise program I'm on, and the weather has warmed up a bit- I REALLY prefer running outdoors to running on the track. I may just be too overweight to run without some amount of danger to my body right now- and I'd rather get to a safer weight and then start running again so I can enjoy running in the long term rather than burn out fast on injuries. It's kind of a bummer but I'm trying not to let disappointment turn into all-or-nothing panic attitude like I've let it in the past. I WILL get there. It's just going to take longer than I'd hoped.

Work went well today, until the very end, as I was about to head off for a full week off in a row (although I work on the play on Sunday and do other things, so it's not like a vacation) when we got a call from the senior tailor. She'd taken a fall and cracked a rib, and now can't lift anything. So...back to work for at least a couple more days. I wanted to cry. I'm such a baby, I know, but I've been working every day for a week straight, between my job and rehearsals, and it's been rough because they overbooked us and I stress out when I'm behind. By the end of rehearsal on Sunday I will have worked every day for ten days straight and if she's not ready to work on Monday I will have to work from a fetal ball position. This feels like all of the downfalls of a full time job (working all the damn time) with none of the benefits (getting paid enough to live on.) At least I'll make more money this week.

But hey, not all is bad. I ate (mostly) really well today, barring my afternoon stress-snack of chocolate sandwich cookies. At least the milk I drank with them was skim? I took beans and rice for lunch. And who knew- picante sauce and garam masala spice blend make a fabulous combination, especially if you add some cayenne. It's a slightly sweet chili taste, with the cinnamon and clove and cumin in the garam masala. And with a cup of brown rice and a half a cup of dark kidney beans, it's a LOT of food for just over 300 calories. Sticks with you, too.

I got out a lot of my frustrations by exercising when I got home. I also bought Arthur a new anti-pull harness, and will give it a try tomorrow. Yay walking! I groomed PJ in the evening, and he's acting less mopey than he had been the past couple of days, which is a relief- I was worried he was sick, but maybe he was just depressed by the weather and, I dunno, not being able to see. He may need to wear a sweater tomorrow, though, because it's still really cold and now he's considerably less furry.

Oh hey...and my favorite designer won on Project Runway tonight, and I think the right person went home. Hooray!
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    I definitely don't think you're too heavy to run. When I ran my marathon last fall, there were A LOT of people there who overweight and even obese. Most recreational runners aren't super lean like Olympic athletes. It's true that losing weight makes you faster (to a certain extent; losing 10 pounds isn't going to do much for someone who already has a "normal" BMI), but there is absolutely nothing wrong with running at a slower pace. The important thing is to know when your body needs to rest, and I think you have a good handle on that. What about running one day per week and seeing how you feel?

    I also prefer running outdoors to using a track or a treadmill. In fact, one of the things that made me start running in the first place was realizing that I'd go crazy if I had to exercise in a gym every day for the rest of my life. The gym definitely serves a purpose; I can use the elliptical machine on my recovery days, and I can run on the treadmill when the weather prevents me from running on roads or trails. But it's still a poor substitute for being outside.
    3024 days ago
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