Bummed and Down

Sunday, February 07, 2010

I have to say I am really tired of winter now. We got over 24" of snow over the weekend and DD and SIL got around 34" at their place over in VA. I surrender..... put up the white flag.

I woke up with my rotator cuff bothering in my left shoulder so not much shoveling going on for me. DH woke up with a bad cold but he went out and at least shoveled a small path down the driveway to the 4-wheel drive car parked there. Neighbor helped him a bit so that was good and we are thankful for such wonderful neighbors. The snowplows went by sometime in the night and so the road is clear now too. The wall of snow and ice though is tough to tackle at the end of the driveway though. But DH got it done. And I am thankful that our electricity did not go out like so many others.

I was of course worried about my kids. DS called yesterday and today and he is fine. He is able to walk to work so no problem there. He offered to come over and help but the roads are terrible and his car is definitely not built for ice and snow. I had to smile. Since his own healthy lifestyle journey started, he is always asking for food and exercise advice. In the last 1.5 years, he has turned his unhealthy habits around. He has lost the 60 or more pounds he gained while away at school. He picked his present apt because he could walk to the gym and works out hard there at least 4 days a week. He no longer eats any junk food. Once he decides on something, he just does it and never varies. It just takes sometime on occasion to get him started. LOL Hmmm, sound familiar. Anyway, since yesterday was his birthday he treated himself to his fav snack.... chips and salsa. His roommates were shocked since all he ever eats is healthy fresh vegs with his salsa. He explained that it was his BDAY and he was celebrating the only way he could since he was snowed in. LOL He would have been useful shoveling though since he is chisled. emoticon

DD called too. She and SIL were worried about the roof on their barn/shed yesterday since the guy they bought their place from was a lazy SOB and took every shortcut possible. But we hoped that he put in a better job than usual since the 30x40ft shed held all his equipment, etc when he lived there. Well, our worst fears were realized this AM. She called to say the roof collapsed under the weight of the 34" of snow they got. The only good thing is that the end where the horses' stalls are was OK. They have three horses... two old and special guys and one younger PIA. If anything happened to her special pony.... well that would have been tragic for all of us. I am sure they were busy today shoveling out their driveway which is a good 800 ft long. I think they will have plenty of time to finish that chore. They live on a very little road in a very rural area and I am sure that road will not see a plow all week. Good thing they have 2.5 cords of wood. I am hoping the insurance comes through for them. Not much spare money for the newlyweds.

So it just has been a bummer of a day. I wanted to be able to rush over and help out DD and SIL but am stuck here. It is crummy feeling to not be able to help out my babies. emoticon But she is a married woman now and has her own DH to travel the tough roads with her. I will just be happier when I can see her again and give her a big emoticon and emoticon.

My cousin in KC, KS must have felt my vibs because she called this afternoon out of the blue. We talked about everything and anything for over an hour. That perked me up some. She is my oldest cousin and we are more like sisters. So it was great to share stories and laughs with her. emoticon

More snow expected Tue/Wed. I am counting the days until I travel to TX to visit MOM.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Trust me...I'm right there with you. We still have over 12" on the ground and more to come on Sunday. I live in Southern Indiana for gosh sakes!!! We've just been hammered but of course not like the east coast. I'd put out a white flag but no one here would see it!!!! AND I agree...where is that global warming??? I think that is BS!!!
    2991 days ago
    I hear the mayor of DC called the mayor of Buffalo, NY to see how we handle our snow. My daughters in Va (just outside DC) call every day with an update. Schools have been closed for 12 days now.

    Meanwhile, back here in the Buffalo area, we have about 2 inches that have been on the ground since Jan 1. Very weird indeed.

    We are heading to New Orleans on Feb 19 and hope we can get through and don't have a storm ourselves. We are waaaay overdue. Oooops.... hope I didn't hex us.

    Glad all are safe and well waiting this out. That was a close one with the horses. Be gentle with that shoulder and don't let DH overexert himself shoveling. Wait long enough and Mom Nature will take care of it on her own.

    2991 days ago
    Sorry to hear about all the problems the snow has caused. I hope things are looking up today.

    2992 days ago
  • JLITT62
    I'm very sorry about your daughter's troubles. That is no fun at all.

    But don't forget to look on the bright side -- you are all safe. The horses are safe. Things can be replaced, living beings can't. Easy for me to say, I know, we didn't get any of the snow (thankfully).

    Of course it's ok to feel bummed, just please don't eat your way thru it!
    2996 days ago
    The last couple of snows we were supposed to get did happen here, but I'm not so sure about the one for today. We haven't had big snows for several years, but I'm sure our time is coming.

    Stay warm safe, spring will be here before you know it! emoticon
    2996 days ago
    you put a white flag up in surrender bet you couldn't see it for all the snow that was the pic i got for sure lol the lady mary
    2996 days ago
    I am so sick of winter too and there is no end in sight, more snow here on Monday/Tuesday.

    You have some great kids there but of course I knew you would have with your work ethic. sorry about your daughter's barn roof but the horse were spared.

    Be warn and safe. Take care of that shoulder.
    2996 days ago
    Wow .. you're having a heck of a weekend. I would feel a little blue myself. So glad the animals are ok. 34" of snow .. that is an amount I can't even wrap my head around. Is all that chill what is really annoying the shoulder?

    Take a nice rest with a cuppa tea ... tomorrow is another day and we will hope for an easier one for you all. emoticon
    ps .. DH sounds like a gem.
    2996 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/7/2010 8:34:26 PM
  • FITKAT2010
    You will continue to remain in my thoughts. There are more blessings than not.


    2996 days ago
    I feel for you and your family. What a shame about the shed. Thank goodness everyone was ok. Hopefully the next front coming thru will not be bad and the sun will come out. You have had enough snow for this winter. emoticon
    2996 days ago
    So where is all the Global warming when we need it?

    I'm sorry to hear about the barn roof and hope the insurance will indeed come through for them. Thank goodness the horses and PIA were not in the bad end of the shed.

    Again I say, are we sure we don't want to BBQ that groundhog now?

    After an extremely mild and unusally warm Winter thus far, we are due for a foot of snow tomorrow night into Tuesday.

    Hang in there!

    2996 days ago
    Aw I am sorry your in that situation. We have been watching you guys on the news. I hope this next storm coming isn't nearly as bad for your part of the country. I hope a heat wave comes your way and melts it!
    2996 days ago
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