Week 4 Update

Sunday, February 07, 2010

This week I was faced with disappointment. As I stated last week (on my official blog), I think I am under-eating throughout the day which is causing me to not lose weight as quickly. I tried to vary my routine to try and confuse my body so it would actually get back on the weight loss path.

It didn't work.

Weight Loss Confessional

I weigh myself daily - something I'm working on, but the DH (darling husband) is saying to remedy this, he is simply going to remove the scale from the bathroom during the week. One day I weighed myself when I woke up, worked out really hard at the gym, weighed myself again and got upset. The scale said I had gained. I know that just shows how crazy I am, but I wanted you to see the issues that everyday people go through.

Success Tip
Drink water!

I hate this stuff.

Correction - I used to hate this stuff.

In pictures on my dailybooth, I have shown everyone a huge water bottle. It holds exactly 8 cups of water. What a person is supposed to drink on a daily basis. I started off using that. I refuse to drink the chlorinated tap water in my area, so we buy Deer Park from BJ's. At first I needed something to flavor the water so I found diet tea's did the trick.

Now I am good and I just use a 1L water bottle to drink from during the day. Every week or so I buy a new bottle of Figi water and use it. It's not as big as my pink one and takes up less space on my desk at work.

I went the entire week without drinking soda. I didn't even mean to. We also bought a multipack of Diet Snapple and I've been drinking that instead. It has less junk added into it than soda. Last night was the first night all week that I drank any Dt. Mt. Dew. I did it so I could stay up writing! On a sidenote, I reached a huge moment as I crossed another threshold in my writing.

So make sure you are drinking your water. 8 glasses of it. It really makes a difference. I find I drink a lot of it throughout the day. Not something I would have expected.

Scale Showdown

I lost exactly 1 lb since my last Sunday weigh in.
Total weight loss according to my SparkPeople: 14.8 lbs

I did take my measurements this week as I noticed things like my exercise pants getting looser as well as my jeans that are a much smaller size. I lost a total of 2" this week according to my measurements. I lost 1" in my hips, 1/2" in my waist and upper arms!

Fitness Minute

I bought another wii and the game Wii Active this week. We have been crazy busy with life in general and I was unable to go to the gym this week (all except one day). Instead, I used the Wii Active to do their 30 Day Challenge. It reminded me of all the simple exercises I used to do in high school on a daily basis as my warm up routine for volleyball and/or softball. After a few days of lunges and using the resistance band, my DH noticed a change in my derriere. It is possible that this exercise regiment has helped me build muscle and that is why I haven't lost lbs. It still has thrown me into a saddened mood that I am hoping I can get out of to continue what I'm doing.

I did make it to the gym one day this week, where I did the Elliptical precor machine. I actually worked it for a straight hour. All the while jamming away on my music. Expect a blog on that to come shortly. I am getting a lot of questions about my playlist. I figured the easiest thing for me to do was actually show you my playlist and tell you which songs helped me keep going and which ones I skipped over.

So overall I'm not happy with my progress, but I am definitely noticing a difference in my body.

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    Don't let the fact that you didn't loose that much weight get you down. It sounds like you're making some great changes that will lead to weight loss in no time.
    3055 days ago
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