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What a Weekend!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Wow... what a weekend folks! And happily we still have tomorrow to rest and recover ;)
It all starts on Thursday when we schlep downstate and start by taking my Mom out to lunch. It's always grea to see her, and I love her dearly. She is quite the gal, and getting ready to go on her own journey. She's gonna move back to a warmer clime, and then get her back fixed (at long last, yea!).

After lunch, we proceed down to Detroit, and check in at the Hilton. Nice hotel, and a wonderful room with a view of... the alley and a shambles of a brick building. Oh well, it's a nice room *chuckles* So just why is the intrepid Jaymurz and his ever lovin wife in Detroit tonight?
Cirque Du Soliel!! Yes, we have tickets to the show, it's our Anniversary gift to ourselves :) We take the People Mover that loops around the downtown area (a mere 50 cents a person, clean, and well patrolled) to the Joe Louis Arena (home of the mighty Redwings) and discover that the seats she bought online were not just good, not just really good, but just about perfect! 3 rows up from the floor, and not quite stage center! Oh. My. Gawd. And what a show it was! If you have never seen Cirque Du Soliel, put it on the top of your Netfllix list! Go do it now, it's incredible. And then get on their website and buy tickets for the show nearest to you.

After a dazzling show of various acrobats, music, lights, choreography, song, and yes, clowns (but the clowns were not your typical creepy, garden variety schmucks) we walk to a nearby eatery in Greektown. Wooo hooo, the show isn't quite over yet folks, we have a flaming cheese thingy with a plate of kabobs for dinner, yum!
The next morning we find another nice eatery for breakfast, and a very reasonable price, yea :) Of course, we simply *had* to stop at the pastry shop and bring a couple of treats back with us!
After a happily uneventful drive back home, we turn around and head up to Church. Aye yup, it's Lock In for the Confirmation Class (and friends), and of course we'll help, hehehe...

The idea is for the kids to stay up all night long, and play games, watch movies, yack, whatever. the idea for the adults is to try and stay up with the kids (yeah riiiight). Our plan, however, is a bit different. Since she volunteered to be the breakfast chef, she has to get it going about 4am. So we find a quiet classroom, and spread out our inflata-mattress and attempt to snooze. Ace the DufusDog by our side, and the happy sounds of laughter and play outside of our door. Nope, didn't get much sleep ;)

But Barb, the wonderful kitchen trooper she is,. does get the brekkie prep under way about 4am! Woosh. Ace and I keep the mattress warm. But you can't keep a good man, or dog, down for too long, so we trundle down to the Community Hall and enjoy the fruits of her labors. Alas, the soiree is over all too soon, and the 'rents start to file thru and pick up the kids. A bit of cleanup, we're the last ones out the door.

Home again, home again, giggidy gig. A warm bed, and beautiful wife, a happy dog, all is good. A warm, cozy nap followed by some Greektown Pastry and a cup of coffee... life is wonderful indeed!
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