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Saturday, February 06, 2010

So, I posted a blog late last night about my current problem: www.fatgirlslim.org/?p=3

I am having serious, serious back pain. It's almost like when I get that twinge in my hip where I can't stand upright without screaming in agony. Almost.

This is a dull throb, all over the (ironically large) small of my back right along the line of my pelvis. It's sort of... stopping me from standing upright. I can feel myself leaning forward, trying to relieve the pain.

I've taken paracetamol and codeine, I've had painkilling rub applied, and my Mum was kind enough to find the Deep Heat spray, and she's just sprayed that on.

(Mmm, wintergreen mint gum smell.)

But it's the day after I posted that, and it's still sore, despite my back being fine last night when I went to bed. I'm crossing my fingers that this is very temporary, and that rest and a good, straight-backed computer chair will help with that, instead of my comfortable can-lean-all-the-way-back computer chair with the mesh back.

All it will mean for me, personally, for the foreseeable future, is that I'm not going to be exercising until I go swimming on Monday or Tuesday. If I can't stand up straight, I don't want to attempt any exercises that might cause me to hurt my back MORE than it already is.

Urgh, I can't wait until I get to a weight where my body isn't working against me at every turn.
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    I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling so out of sorts, (no pun intended), your pain sounds similar to the sciatic pain that my husband has had due to an autoimmune condition. Going to the doctor is smart; I hope that he can help you asap! Feel better soon!
    3360 days ago
    I have had that back pain and it is absolutely EXCRUCIATING. I really do understand. While I think you're right not to do any significant exercise, I think its really important to keep moving and do some stretching. If you can find a light yoga or stretching video I highly recommend it. It helped me come out of my pain and was recommended by my chiropractor. Either way, I hope you feel better soon - I wouldn't wish it on anyone!
    3360 days ago
    I can (almost) feel your pain! I have had similar issues for quite a number of years now. Same are. Mine was made worse over the years by sciatic problems. I literally did not feel my left rear/hip/upper thigh for years! It HAS gotten better, though, with the weight loss I've had. I did go to physical therapy when I started exercising. There is just too much I've done to this body over the years. They were able to help me learn to exercise without hurting all the little bits I'd already damaged. The pool will be the best option until this improves! Hang in there, you can still reverse this trend!
    3361 days ago
    Well, if it's an option, physical therapy would help, and once you're feeling better, yoga might be a good preventative.

    Hope you feel better VERY soon! :)
    3361 days ago
    I'm sorry about the back pain. I know exactly what you're talking about.

    Here's the good news: it WILL go away as you lose weight. Since I contracted myalgic encephalomyelitis and gained 200 pounds, I have the same back problems. I know the exact area you are referring to.

    If I am standing for more than 5 minutes, at the kitchen counter for example, I get that stabbing, crippling pain, that makes me bend over and I have to lie down for it to subside.

    Before I learned that I need to rest my back BEFORE it gets to the point of agony, I pushed it and ended up at the doctor because I could not walk or sit up without excruciating pain. What surprised me is that instead of heat, he suggested ice.

    I needed to apply an icepack for 20 minutes every hour.

    After I healed somewhat, I went to physical therapy and they taught me exercises to strengthen the specific muscles...of course, since then I've not been doing them and just allowed everything to go back to the point where it hurts again.

    I'm not a doctor, but I have been through this (and I still have the problem).

    So, just from my personal experience, know that there is something that you can do about it, and as you become more healthy, the problem will go away.

    Try the icepacks and see if you find relief. Make sure there is fabric between your skin and the icepack and don't leave it on longer than 20 mins. You don't want to hurt your skin.

    As far as exercise goes, you might want to take some time off. Your body needs to heal. I don't know how long you need. You mentioned Monday or Tuesday, and that you would be swimming. You will know if you are ready. And if you have pain, do NOT 'push through it'.

    After you heal for a few days, it will be important to remember to gently stretch every so often as you are sitting working or watching tv or are on the computer. I know with me hours fly by and I realize I've been sitting in one position and things tighten up.

    I know we haven't talked, but your post really hit me as I could feel the pain as I was reading it.

    Be gentle with yourself and know that this will pass.
    3362 days ago
    Ugh. That's awful.

    Hopefully it is just aftermath of your mean couch. Otherwise, swimming of course is low impact, and maybe you could find a form of cardio that only requires upper-body movement?

    Best of luck,
    and curse your couch and bad-ending novels.

    3362 days ago
    I'm really sorry to hear of your pain. Can you get flat on the floor and then put your knees up with your feet flat? If so, does it relax you a bit? If it does and you are able you might try to move one leg at a time up towards you (have someone support this leg at all times) it may help stretch your muscle ever so slightly and begin to give relief.

    Of course I'm no MD but that helps me when I've had pain that seems to be what you describe. If you can't lie on your back and get any relief then it's very likely something different.

    Best to you. I'll look forward to your feeling better soon!
    3362 days ago
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