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Friday, February 05, 2010

It all starts so simply. One day you're on a streak and loving the positive changes you're making, then almost before you know it, you're in a slump. At least that's what happened to me.

I got my new laptop on Wednesday. I promised myself that I could go pick it up AFTER I did my cardio. I know me. As soon as I got the laptop, exercise would fly out the window. What I didn't do was plan for Thursday.

Thursday morning rolled around and this shiny new laptop with all it's new features, plus World of Warcraft was calling me. Before I know it, I was happily questing away. I kept up with counting my calories and drinking my fluid, but it was sooo easy to forget about exercise. Before I knew it, it was time for choir practice. I could have exercised after that but it would be 9PM and I figured it was too late. I'd take a break day. I was also a little down after choir. One member was sharing about his elderly mom and it reminded me so much of mine. I miss her. Her presence is still very much everywhere.

Today I woke up sore and stiff. My back and knees ached. I sat in the chair and didn't want to move. I thought of my Spark Streaks and my goals....and I didn't really care. I felt blah. My exercise time rolled around though and even though I was sore, I made myself get up and do something. My back ached, my knees protested...but I did 30 min of cardio. My heart rate was in a good place so I did an effective workout. I can't say it was easy to get through, it wasn't. I planned to do another 30 min after going to the store.

Let me tell you right now that I felt like doing another 30 minutes about as much as I wanted a colonoscopy. I had met my other goals but the exercise monster loomed formidably with glaring teeth and horrid breath. Then I spied the chocolate mocha coffee. I have been staying away from coffee as it interferes with my water intake plus I use maple syrup for sweetener and that adds to my calories. It looked so good though so I bought a pound and took it home. I promised myself I could have my big mug of coffee only after I did my 30 min of cardio (and picked up the kitchen and put groceries away).

To make a long story short...I looked the exercise monster right in those ugly red eyes and drooling, horrid maw and thumbed my nose at it. It blinked a few times, stunned. It expected a more forceful assault. Then I did my 30 minutes of cardio and am sitting here enjoying my cup of coffee. emoticon

I feel good that I took the break of yesterday and got back into the swing of things. I found it is so very easy to take a day off then want to give up and give in. I now know that I need a plan to deal this very issue. My back hurts less and my knees are less sore. Could it be that they stiffened up without doing any exercise? I don't know. I just know that whether I felt like it or not, I am glad I am meeting my goals. To give up on them is to give up on me...and I never want to do that again.
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  • no profile photo CD4238235
    Way to go on breaking trough that Anergy Monster. You inspire me!
    4114 days ago
    that wow sucks the life outta you. i wish they would abolish it...
    but GOOD GIRL for doing your workout!!! thats AMAZING and FANTASTIC that you were able to do that!!!
    4117 days ago
    The "Anergy Monster" Is that an amalgam of "Energy" and "Angry"? I love it! I have the same demon, and I've been thinking about how to address it long-term. Any ideas?
    4117 days ago
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