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Friday, February 05, 2010

The last two weeks have been incredibly taxing. I worked 30 hours, had classes - 3 of them, my books were late so I was behind on my reading, my son turned 21, I had to have a CAT scan to see why I am still having pain in my upper right abdomen area (if the cancer is back or not check), my daughter who has had cancer is not feeling well which always makes me highly concerned and I had to put my dog down yesterday. Overall, this has been a very trying time.

Everything is all blurring together and seeming like a lot. So last Friday, I go into the office to just fill out my time sheets and the phone rings. I am the only one in the office, so I go ahead and answer it. One of our clients has threatened suicide. I scramble trying to find his regular case worker, or her boss to no avail. I wind up heading out to find this guy - I do not know him from Adam by the way, find him and take him to the hospital for evaluation, he is fine, but mentally unstable. My ridiculous cell phone company does not have great coverage, and I keep having to run out into the night air of 12 degrees to check my voicemails to see if anyone is coming to relieve me, and leave this guy in the waiting room by himself. Finally someone does arrive, 4 hours later, and I am able to go home. The guy is fine, he was just looking for some attention.

My school books came in on Thursday, all of my assignments are due Saturday at midnight. Of course, I had to work Saturday also, but no where near as long. I managed to get my course work in, just a hair after midnight, so thankful for lenient professors. On Sunday, I slept in until 11, I was exhausted!

Then on Monday, I had a CAT scan, the contrast did not make me sick until Monday night on well on into Tuesday, where I had to miss two classes and work as well. Monday was also my son's 21st birthday, what a milestone. He is a good young man.

Then on Wednesday, I took my daughter for her bi-monthly clinic visit to get her blood checked after her battle with leukemia. She has been off treatment for two years. She has been sick for about a week. They drew labs and are concerned as to what is making her sick, because she has had both the H1N1 shot and the regular flu shot. We are nervous. Her labs came back looking good, but that isn't a real consolation at this point because when she was first diagnosed, her labs were fine then too. So we wait a week, and if she is not better, then we will have do a spinal tap on her and draw some fluids to see if there are cancer cells in her spinal fluid.

Thursday was the deal breaker for me as I woke up and my dog, Jack could hardly breathe. He was gasping for air. I knew it was time to put him down. I miss my golden shadow following me around, but know that he is not suffering anymore.

To top it off, I went to work today, picked up the client I am working with, took him to the doctor, then to the cemetery to pay respects to his mother, and finally to the pharmacy to pick up his medication. Somewhere between dropping off his prescriptions and getting back into my car, he poops his pants. He sits in my van and soils my seat! ARGHHH!!!!!!

My friends, Ben and Jerry visited last night and offered some solace, and I accepted without guilt. Now it is off to do my school work, it is piling up.
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    I thought my world was crazy!!..You made me laugh about your company..I do hope your daughter and you feel better....good luck with school!!! YOu have got to be a great time cruncher!!
    Lori emoticon
    3038 days ago
    I am very sorry to hear about Jack. He was a good and faithful dog. It's always hard to say goodbye to a pet, but as you said, he is not suffering anymore, and that is the most unselfish act that you can do for a furry friend.
    But much congratulations on your schooling, and working and being there for your family!! You inspire me! I pray that all goes well for you and Ali on the upcoming testing that you will be going thru.
    3053 days ago
    OMG, you have had such a week. I wanted to tell you that Lissy saw you last week for a brief moment at school. Wed. I think. she told me that she thought you looked beautiful. she loves your hair. I asked her if she told you, but she did not have a chance to.
    So sorry about Jack.... such a love. Remember,

    I am praying that all labs for you and Ally, come out ok.

    3053 days ago
  • KOI239
    I hope this week will be better. Hang in there! Our prayers that this to shall pass. (Get a waterproof pad and always use it with your older clients) Keep several in your car. A cheap source is puppy pee pads at a pet store. Use and throw a way.

    3053 days ago
    Sometimes it all gets to be too much, and i think this qualifies. B&J can be good friends, as long as they don't hang around. I have had very good luck with animal odors in carpets with nature's Miricle--wonder if it would work for your van? It's about 10--12 per bottle, but if "it" is lingering, would be cheap.

    Hang in there!
    3053 days ago
    The poop on the seat had to have been the very LAST STRAW!! You have much more tolerance for people's poor behavior than I. That would have made me blow my stack!!

    A real pisser of a week for you, my darling daughter!

    I am praying for good test results, good weather, a truly FUN week and that I can get caught up to you with our Scrabble game!
    3053 days ago
    Well Cindy... the world overwhelmed comes to mind ! Some days it just piles on and on and on. I don't know that I would have still been awake for Ben and Jerry to comfort me, were I in your shoes. I will hope for you that what can be changed, does change for the better. I have been through my son's cancer and know how you are feeling. It's a horrible thing to have to face. AS was your decision for Jack. Yikes... the poop realy WAS a topper to the day wasn't it ?

    If I could, I would send you energy bars (not fattening of course) to help you with your load. I can't but I will pray you find the strength to carry on. You are one special lady.
    3054 days ago
    Hopefully this new week will be a better one for you. Will keep you and your daughter in my thoughts/prayers.

    3054 days ago
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