February hodgepodge: leaving for Bali in three weeks and sad kitty news.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

I have been meaning to post about my plans and goals for February since, oh, February 1st, so I am finally here and ready to do so!

Methinks this will be a rambling post, let me forewarn you all.

So, I never really got back into running after my break. I want to - my motivation and mojo are there - but there is something missing. When I have time, I don't have energy. Things have just been so busy (and it isn't like I am not treating myself well otherwise - I am still exercising (mostly walking), and eating healthfully for the most part - and darn, I even lost weight!) and I am feeling abit overwhelmed, so when I do get home I just want to hibernate in my room while watching, oh, let's say, Season 3 of The Wire OR Season 3 of Big Love.

And I have done just that for the past two nights.

Am I being hard on myself? I was moving stuff - my stuff, josh's stuff, my new roommates' stuff - on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Maybe it is a bit much to think I should be jumping out of my socks full of energy today.

Anyway, what does this translate into for February?

I would like to get back to running over these next 3 weeks before I head out to Bali for the following 3 weeks. Nothing too fast or too furious - I just want to run for the sake of running, to enjoy it, to be outside, to hear the snow crunch under my feet.

Yes, oh my goodness, I can't believe I'm leaving for Bali 3 weeks from today! That is something else I need to do this month - make a plan for staying healthy while I am out of the country and share that with you all. There are a couple of things I definitely won't be missing while I am gone, but I will miss you all!

Ah, what else in February? Keep up the strength training. I am counting my moving as strength training this week, but then the following two weeks I want to get in at least 2 sessions per week.

Let's see, other news... Josh changed his mind and wants to take 2 of the cats to live with him. It's his right - we adopted them together - but my heart is breaking a bit. I also feel kind of upset because I had at one point offered to plan this with him but he did not want to take any of our babies at the time - so I had been adjusting these past few months to the reality that I would be the crazy cat lady with 4 cats. So it surprised me as well. I would cry if I wasn't so tired... or at work...


Anyway... anyway anyway anyway. I'll be okay, it's just life after all!
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  • KASRN1
    Oh my goodness, the cat thing would be hard to take. I mean I can't imagine it really! So I am very sorry for that. Glad to hear you got a new room-mate. That problably eases up the finances a bit. Give yourself a break on the activity. I mean how many things can one human do? I think when the weather is nicer, or you are in Bali, you will feel more like running, it is part of you now. I am so excited for you about your trip. I have never done anything so exciting, and wished I could live two lives so I could do something like that. Will you have computer access during the trip or will you be without for the whole 3 weeks! Boy! We will miss you too!
    3025 days ago
  • VEMAN1
    Nope, your not crazy until have at least five...
    3027 days ago
    Sorry about the kittys.

    I like your Feb. goals! emoticon
    3027 days ago
    I hope you and all the kitties will be ok! I totally understand the desire to hibernate, especially where HBO shows are involved. You are on the right track just by getting your goals lined up, you know this! I wish you all the best with all the excitement in your life!
    3027 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    As long as the cats will have a good home that is the important thing and that they feel loved and wanted. Just be glad they are not children?

    I am excited for your trip to Bali.

    emoticon on the weight loss!! YOU ROCK...YOU GO GIRL!
    3027 days ago
    I am so sorry. emoticon
    You are a strong person and you will be just fine!! I got off my workout schedule to and it was like pulling teeth just to get started. Just do it. One of my favorite quotes about running may motivate you. "If you started running when you first started thinking about it, you would be done by now". Have a ton of fun in Bali, so jealous!!

    p.s. Don't let stupid boys ruin your day
    3027 days ago
    Oh, Poor thing, I feel for you and the kittys. However, i do hope that you have a great time while out of the country. And get back to that running cheeka!
    3028 days ago
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