Got Stuck on a Dragon

Thursday, February 04, 2010

So....there I was the other night minding my own business and running a dungeon with my guildies. My old laptop was chugging along sluggishly and I felt like mammary glands on a bull. (I cleaned that saying up some) My laptop had been failing for so long that I didn't realise that it was on it's last legs. I am worse than useless in this heroic dungeon but the group manages to finish and as we go to grab loot, I realize I am stuck on a big bronze dragon. I have to dismount to collect the treasure. I tried everything I could think of including logging off and on and I was still stuck on the dragon. I had visions of spending the rest of my computer life stuck on this big behemoth. FInally, for reasons I don't understand, I found myself standing on my own two feet beside the treasure. I grabbed my goodies and went to leave the dungeon and I was once again stuck. I am dangerously close to being dive-bombed by the less friendly dragons in the area. I am frankly a sitting duck. It is at this moment I figure out that my laptop mouse is is it's death throws. Before it totally gives up the ghost I finally get out of the dungeon.

Then, I go to check Spark mail. Its not gonna happen. The mouse again. Since it is late, I decide to go to bed....visions of computer repair dancing in my head. I am on voice recognition status with my computer guys. This is the laptop that when you pick it up, the battery falls out. I have to tape the internet cable to the computer as something inside broke when mom tripped over the chord a long time ago. Many of the letters on the keyboard are missing making typing lots of fun....and now the mouse has gone the way of all flesh.

So I call my comp guy. "What happened," he asked? I sputter that I got stuck on the bronze dragon in the OS.....my computer guy sadly knows what I am talking about. He is a World of Warcraft addict too. He rattles off the list of things that he knows about my laptop then begins telling me about the "killer" gaming laptop that they have on sale. He could tell I was hooked. Anyone that got stuck on a dragon would be. "Shall I write up the invoice," he asks?

It really was a sweet deal. My old laptop was 4-5 years old and I was planning on spending alot more on a new laptop. I was biding my time though due to the economy and trying to keep my laptop alive with bandaids. My computer guys are awesome!. They always find ways to save me money, never try to soak me on repairs, and don't try to sell me junk I don't need. They have helped me nurse my ailing laptop along and sometimes didn't even charge me as they weren't sure how long their fix would work. So when my computer guru excitedly told me of this new laptop, I couldn't pass up the deal.

I am now learning this new system. I get to type on keys where I can see the letters. And the best part....I went back to that dungeon tonight and not only got on and off the dragon, I also got to dive-bomb the nasty dragons that were bullying me! Take That!!!

Being without a computer for a day while my data was being transferred from my old laptop to this one allowed me to get in all my cardio and plan for today. I got in an hour of cardio today around re-installing computer programs. I am on a roll! emoticon emoticon
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    4120 days ago
    I'm glad you are now able to aptly mount and dismount your dragon and could I borrow your computer guys????
    4120 days ago
    I had computer guys like that and now I am married to a computer guy.............ha

    Glad you were able to kick some dragon booty..............................
    .......... emoticon

    I am hooked on Diablo..............II that is............ha

    4120 days ago
    Glad you've got such good computer guys.
    4120 days ago
    Nice! I love your computer guys and I don't even know them! Congrats on the new acquisition!
    4120 days ago
    You know, we got stuck in that instance too. Not on the dragons but we flew up to start the last boss fight and something killed me. Then hit the healer (my fiance) and about killed him too. No one could find where in the world this mysterious killer was coming from! It took quite a while and I just sat there dead. luckily it happened before the bossfight and not during or after! lol! Congrats on your new tech and no longer having to bandaid your laptop back together!!
    4121 days ago
    emoticon I'll have to show this to my son, the dungeon master!
    4121 days ago
    Hate when you get stuck somewhere cuz the puter is acting up... I have gone so far as to run out at 10 pm and buy a second puter as back up so when one is being fixed, I have another to function with...

    4121 days ago
    I can sympathize with the slowly dying computer. Mine gave me weird blue-screen messages last night. I had been playing fairies all evening. Same same, maybe. : )
    4121 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3921208
    That's hilarious.
    4121 days ago
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