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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

First off, a confession. I have been slacking. I haven't been running on as regular of a schedule as I should be. The original day that I was supposed to run five miles, my stomach pain continued to worsen. Even a Vicodin didn't put a dent in it. I was in tears instead of on the road. It's been a little while since it has been so bad. (Before I get lectured about going to the doc, the last time I went to the ER, they simply gave me demorall, then sent me home with a prescription for Vicodin. I've seen doc after doc for more than half my life and none of them have been able to give me a cause. I've tried every med for various ailments, and none of them have worked. I may give it another try one of these days to see if they can find a cause) I did eventually do the five, though slower than I hoped. Beyond my stomach, my back has been grouchy. I had to postpone my run again last night since my pain was making me nauseous. I hoped my chiro appointment would have me tip-top again today, but despite getting everything aligned, the muscles are still grumpy. So, I am heating and icing, and crossing my fingers that I can get my six-and-a-half miles in tomorrow. I know I can past all of this, but it is making me feel down, which makes me want to lie on the sofa and feel sorry for myself or throw a tantrum. I feel bummed that I am slowed down, then I get angry that my body isn't cooperating. I keep trying to stay confident and optimistic.

In that vein...I signed up for my first MARATHON! They have my dollars (a hundred of them, in fact) and I can't get them back, so I have to do it! I know I can do it, so I just have to hit the road until then and prove it. The hardest part will be the point in the race when I will be a mere two blocks from my house, and a one-and-two-tenths of a mile from the finish. It will be mighty tempting to turn the corner and stroll home...but I think the bling will keep me on track. Plus, I have some great friends that have already promised to keep me on course.

I am also commiting to do a five K with the hubs and some friends in May. A local library is hosting one as a fundraiser for remodeling. Being the daughter of a retired librarian, I feel obligated to support a library. Plus, my half in April...I have lots to keep running for!

In the nutrition world, I have decided to become a complete vegetarian. Well, snails are still legal, but a) they're snails, and b) I can actually find them to eat so seldom that I don't really count them. For those who may not know, due to my crazy stomach, I cannot digest meat. I actually have a severe beef intolerance-to the point I would wind up in the ER, and Turkey makes my throat swell and I can't breathe. Any other meat, outside of fish, even broth feels like I ate a rock. I can feel pain as it makes its way through my system. Therefore, if I haven't prepared the food myself, I have to ask a lot of questions. I have found that even dishes that appear to be vegetarian often have chicken broth in them, which makes me sick for at least a day. Fish is typically safe, and I enjoy it. However, given the SEVERE issues with overfishing, and the health concerns involved with farmed fish have given me pause as of late. I researched the issue, to see how bad the problem actually is (it's bad) and to see what, if any, seafood was considered okay. The list of okay fish is pretty short. Not to mention, that it is difficult to verify the source of fish when eating out. Since I mostly eat fish when dining out, as true veg options are so slim, this is a problem. To truly solve the problem we need serious regulations on the industry, and as one person giving up the fishies I know that won't fix the aquatic eco-systems or bring back the fish that are on the brink of extinction, nor will it bring back all the jobs lost because of the damaged eco-system and disappearing fish. However, I can't knowingly contribute to the problem, either. So, since I can't eat any other meat, I am a veg now. I am eating the rest of the fish that is already in our house, then I am done with the sea creatures. I will mostly miss the shellfish and squid, but if I can live without every other meat, I can live without the fish, too!

In my world that doesn't involve hitting the gym, the pavement, or watching what I eat...I have been keeping busy!! After weeks of planning and staring at AutoCAD until my eyes burn, we are starting the remodel of my store. On the bright side, that is some actual physical activity during the workday. I am hoping that will speed up the weight loss! On the not-so-bright side, my stress level is not gonna go down, which means my muscles will probably remain tense, which means my back will probably continue to be grouchy. If I can keep the pain tolerable, that will be okay. When it gets into unbearable territory, then I am a sad panda. So, I am positive (see that? POSITIVE) that it will level out once I am used to moving furniture, and running drills, and running up and down the stairs again. Which means I can start hitting all six workouts every week instead of only hitting four or five.

Outside of work, I am involved in the committee that organizes a local science/sci-fi/fantasy convention. I was approached by the programming department with organizes all of the panels. There are two co-heads, and one is stepping down after this year. So, this year, I am acting as a sub-head, and if I like it and the remaining co-head jives with me, I will be the co-head next year. It is not a huge time commitment, but it is something to work in. I do like actually being involved in something that I enjoy so immensely, and contributing to the enjoyment of others. Plus, it is getting me a little out of my comfort zone. I am interacting with people I wouldn't otherwise, and it forces me out of the house, which is important when my mood isn't in tip-top shape. Also, I attended our precinct caucus tonight, and am signed up to be a delegate for the senate district caucus in March. Because that's not enough...I am also on the resolutions committee. It's a long shot, but it would be amazing to get to go to the State convention. In the meantime, I will contribute where I can.

I think that's enough of the blogging for tonight! Time to refresh the heat on my neck and wind down to hit the hay. Imbolc blessings, friends!
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    Wow! A lot going on!! Congrats on signing up for that marathon. That's a big step! I am so sorry that you're suffering and was going to tell you that your pain sounded like severe food intolerances. Any chance it goes beyond meat? Eggs? Dairy? Wheat? It'd be worth looking into.

    Manage that stress - it's a killer!
    3844 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2562942
    Sorry you have been poorly again. I am proud of you for signing up for a marathon. Which one is it? The Twin City in October?
    3845 days ago
    Wow! You are a busy lady!

    Do you have access to a jacuzzi? Maybe that could help you to relax those muscles that are giving you fits!

    Good luck in all of your upcoming races!
    3845 days ago
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