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29 days SMOKE FREE! 23 days post op! I'm BA-ACK!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Yooo HOO!!! Allo??? Are all my sparklie friends still out there? Yep.. it's me.. alive; AND KICK'N! Well, Ok, not kickin.. but ALIVE!
So.. updates.. hmm.. where to start.
So; the 'clean' eating is going well. Down from 190 post op (Jan 7th) to 183 Jan 31st. I'm still above my pre surgical weight; but I'm not far off; so I'm leaving my ticker there at 180.9 cause I'm wiping January off my slate.
There.. wiped..
I'll ignore that Jan even happened. What a crappy month anyways.
The only thing good about it is that I decided to stop smoking, and thank god, because had I been still coughing while heading into unexpected surgery I would have been in more trouble than I was!
I am on the road to recovery. I've learned to slow down *OMG, It's HARD!* and take time to heal.. *HARD!*.... but I think that has helped my progression to healing.
My 'hematomas/seromas' are still palpable.. left and right of surgical site approx 2 cm from site now.. moving I think is a good thing.. ???!!! I hope
It hurts to roll over; it hurts to use my abs; and the skin feels 'pulled' sometimes when vertical for too long without a rest.. but other than that I'm off all medication except for Ibuprofen.
Funny thing? You know how I thought maybe this was a sign from God that I HAD to rest my ankle? That I couldn't get it through my thick head that I needed to STAY off it?? Well, the first week? NO PAIN.. none.. but then again; I was only shuffling to the bathroom.. that was IT.. not even up for meals.
Second week.. shuffling a bit more; sitting for long periods, but because of the unusual pain; I barely walked.. BUT then.. last week.. week three.. I was walking more.. doing the groceries.. NOT LIFTING but abusing the grocery boys as much as I dared.. OH I DID!
The ankle started to hurt!
I was like.. HUH???!!
So I wore my sneakers in the house with my orthotics. Nope, didn't work.
So I chased the pain away with Arthrotec *anti-arthritic perscription medication*.. guess what? IT WORKED!
Gas.. omg.. gas.. OMG.. WOW..
wow.. did I ever smell! And stomach pains.. omg.. thank goodness I got a new perscription for Prevacid-stomach med.
The best news?
Is I went for a walk yesterday.
A walk! OUTSIDE in the snow! Actually in a snow storm.. but whatever!
The only thing that was painful was my stupid ankle!
So came home after 3.5km.. emoticon and started some ankle exercises for people after breaks and sprains..
toe lifts, using the band.. weights, calf raises etc. Didn't hurt to do it; but hurt afterwards. So this is obviously a chronic thing.. and will talk with the Dr at the end of Feb to see what I should do. I have a 5k race at the end of May-I'll walk it if I have to but that is not my goal.
My goal is to run it; and run it well. But I'll have to adjust to how my recovery goes and just 'go with the flow'.
I wanna run.. o boy, do I wanna run.
But even after the walk and exercises my 'skin' hurt.. felt.. "pulled/tight" so I beefed up the Tyl #3's just for last night and had problems sleeping, although that may have been due to a barking dog; a hot room and a HOT romance novel. HAHAHA
I'm not going to push it. I'm taking it easy. But I do plan on doing daily ankle exercises and try to strengthen my ankle.
I took a pic just so u can all see I've lost all that I had accomplished with my abs.. so this is my RE-STARTING pic.. gah! ick.. But I gotta be honest.. THIS is what I'm working with:

I'll keep y'all posted cause u all are brave enough to read my drivel and I do SOOo appreciate it; AND the fact that y'all cheer me on till I wanna cry I feel so proud to know all u guys.
For everything u do for me.
Thanks for the inspiration
Thanks for sharing your heart breaks
Thanks for sharing your disappointments and times of mistakes/errors in judgements.
I get more from you guys than u can possibly imagine. I live off your struggles, because I struggle too.

I can't thank u enough!

I'm using a program called LOSEIT on my iphone and it happens to be WAY easier than SP food info; and I have noticed I'm inputing info constantly; but when I was sparking; I just couldn't keep up.
The program is free and awesome.. gotta say it's BETTER than SP with ease of use which keeps me going.
If y'all are interested and have iphone or itouch go to applications in itunes and download it. Add me if you like.. pjdksmith4@hotmail.com
Y'all know I'd love to keep an eye on all u sparklies.

Thanks for the ears.. uhm.. eyes..
You've come to the end; so grab a big glass of water and refresh youself.. .cause I'm sure I've dehydrated ya'll with the length of this drivel
God Bless
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    awwwwwwww good bloggage.. and no its NEVER too long! Love it.. and I needed to hear all your stuffs to shake me up.

    gawd I missed sparkling!

    2992 days ago
    Yay! I am so proud of you! First of all because of the not smoking. That's HUGE! I know that many people go from not smoking to eating to fill in that habit of doing something with your mouth. So for you to still be smoke free, not to have gained weight and to be on track after surgery---You're a DIVA!

    Also, you go walk out in the snow. I whine when I have to go out in 40 degree weather. HAHA.

    You got out to walk and are brave enough to work through your ankle pain and you're doing something about it. It sucks that it's still there even after your forced rest. It also sucks to have to still take it easy since you just want to GO!

    As for the abs, if you've done it once, you can do it again. It just sucks you have to start over and that your muscles were cut. Ouch.

    The iPhone app sounds cool, but I don't have an iPhone. I've been tracking with my Bodybugg and I don't like the food tracker as much as SP either, but I've been eating pretty much the same thing, so that ok.

    That rocks that you are almost down to pre-surgery weight, especially since you couldn't really do anything and I'm glad the clean eating has been helping.

    You'll make your triumphant comeback and we'll be partying at our goal weight soon enough!
    2998 days ago
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