My favourite month - Februarry!!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Ok i am back physically and mentally- the first day of my favourite month!. So my goals this month is

LOOSE 2 kilos - leave the 70 kilo range --- i am done Mr Seventy and i dont want to see u again unless i am pregnant with an elephant or twins!

Ok to begin with - i am divinding February into 2 parts - One before my goa trip (upto 11th) and one after my goa trip (16th)...I have little hope of being good during my goa trip...though i promise to try!

1) Get 900 mins of exercise - 450 mins before 11th - so that means that in addition to attending all my aerobics classes till the 11th - 5 aerobics classes of 60 mins...i need to do another 150 mins of exercise!

ok so my schedule till 11th is as follows
1st Feb - 60 mins aerobics
2nd Feb - 30 mins gym
3rd feb - 60 mins aerobics
4th Feb - 30 mins gym
5th Feb - 60 mins aerobics
6/7th feb - 60 mins gym (any 1 day)
8th Feb - 60 mins aerobics
9th feb - 30 mins gym
10th feb -60 mins aerobics
11th feb - rest day (will have shopping & packing 2 do)

2) Eat within calorie range of 1200-1500 on most days
Key rules for Feb:

- Eat breakfast
- Beverages: No aerated drinks, Only 1 cup of coffee/tea per day
- Eat 2 fruits and 2 veges everyday
- no sweets or chocolates!

3) Sleep early to go to the gym - so i need to go to te gym by 7:00...i need to wake up at 10 mins to 7 which means i need to sleep by 11:30 all set...
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