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My Accountability - Update for 1/27/10 thru 1/30/10

Sunday, January 31, 2010

*****I have been very BAD about updating my blog! It has been such a crazy week for me it feels like and I'm trying to stay on top of the Sparkemails, which you know just makes more emails as you keep getting notified! BUT anyway - I need to blog on a daily basis. I also need to make sure that my food is tracked so I'm going to have to change up my SP priorities - first it's tracking, then blogging then once that's all done I will do the message board notifications. I hope that works! So onto my update for the whole week.*****

My biggest downfall in 2009 was not being consistent with tracking my food and being accountable for what I am eating.

My goals for 2010 include
1. Tracking Daily
2. Going to the Y 2-3 nights a week and Strength Training 2-3 days a week.
3. Cardio of at least 30 minutes every day even if it’s just walking
4. Getting back to the 130’s.

As part of my accountability for 2010 I plan to post here to my blog daily with my calories and cardio/exercise for the day.

Daily calorie range for food is 1,750 - 2,100 a day.
Burn a total of 4750 calories

***UGHH!!! Weight is totally stagnant! I am going with building muscle - yeah! That's it! More Muscle!***

Sunday 1/24:
30 minutes of something - 150 calories

I played on the Wii for a while. Did the EA Active 30 day challenge program, day 1. Tried to do it with my daughter but you really need 2 thigh straps and she hated the squats! Oh well - she is just 8. So I did it on my own then played on the Wii Fit Plus. 1 hour, 25 mins and 334 calories burned.

Calories: 1,723
Cardio: 334
Minutes: 84
Deficit: -458.66

Monday 1/25:
45 Minutes on Elliptical

So I got a new scale... today it is 1.1 pounds off from the Wii. What I am wondering is if the Wii Balance Board somehow got "off" because the weight JUMPED 2 pounds all of the sudden and it's been like that for a while. I know I'm not eating too much, so it's either the Wii or I am seriously adding muscle/retain water, etc. I'll be tracking both weights for a while to see what's up.

Did 35 minutes on the Elliptical then I did 50 pushups - 396 calories burned.

Calories: 1,637
Cardio: 396
Minutes: 40
Deficit: -598.06

Tuesday 1/26:
Strength & Tone class – 300 calories
Teach Dance Fusion – 650 calories
25 pushups

This was a KILLER day!
55 minutes of Strength & Tone - 611 calories burned - Killer Class! Today I am SORE! Sheesh! You'd think I'd be in better shape - LOL. Not that having an 18 pound body bar for squats & lunges, 10 pound weight for side lunges (with an overhead press) and doing curls with the 12 pounds had anything to do with it.

PLUS - we did 75 pushups! I think I counted 40 or 45 on my toes and the remainder, 30 or 35, with the knees down. Killed me!

62 Minutes of Dance Fusion - 775 Calories! Oye Vey!

Eating we terrible - forgot my lunch at home so I ate in the cafeteria. Had an Italian Melt but to try to counteract that I ordered the vegetables rather than the fries :) Dinner was 1 cheeseburger, uneaten by my daughter, and 2 chocolate truffles.

Calories: 1,733
Cardio: 1386
Minutes: 117
Deficit: -1501.66

Weight is down a bit today. Tracking both the Wii and the Scale - we'll see what happens with that. Not recording a weight until I know for sure what is going on.

Wednesday 1/27:
Teach Double Step class – 600 calories
30 minutes Running or Elliptical– 300 calories
25 pushups

55 minutes of teaching Double Step - 701 calories
I didn't run as there were some, um, well, female issues happening and I had to myself home.

Calories: 1,892
Cardio: 701
Minutes: 55
Deficit: -673.56

Thursday 1/28:
Strength & Tone class – 300 calories
Teach Cycling - 650 calories
25 pushups

Took Strength & Tone - burned 355 calories
Taught the Cycling Class and burned a whopping 788 calories!
Got 100 pushups in during the S&T class.

Calories: 1,566 (I think I am missing food which is why it's bad to track food the day after or even later. If it were this low that explains eating more on Friday and Saturday :) )
Cardio: 1143
Minutes: 115
Deficit: -1408.96

Friday 1/29:
30 minutes on Elliptical – 300 calories
25 pushups

I have come to realize that I really need a complete rest day a week. I push so hard when I do workout and I do so much during the week that I think I am doing a little too much. Rest is important too!
No exercise

Calories: 2,188
Cardio: 0
Minutes: 0
Deficit: 293.84 (Yup - a positive!)

Saturday 1/30:
Teach Cycling – 650 calories burned
Take PiYo - 150 calories burned
Teach Strength & Tone – 450 calories burned
25 pushups

This was a BIG day! In every way - eating and exercise. Dinner was out in a Turkish restaurant. I had 3 pieces of bread, 2 glasses of wine and some pretty good food. I may be completely totally overestimating but I'd rather do that than guess too low.

Workout was
55 minutes of Cycle Class - 678 calories
55 minutes of Power Yoga - 366 calories
55 minutes of Strength & Tone - 541 calories

Total workout - 1585

Calories: 3,130
Cardio: 1585
Minutes: 165
Deficit: -443.36 (Yup - STILL a negative!)

Total Calories burned – 4950 for the week
ACTUAL - Total Calories Burned - 5545
Total Deficit - -4623.03

Weight is down to about 143, or at least it was until I saw how much Sodium I had yesterday! I have to be retaining water like the Hoover Dam!

Oh well - onto this week.

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    YEP - I feel like having a full rest day is important. Glad I had one yesterday cause although there wasn't MUCH rowing this morning I was called into duty for the entire week! haha :D ROCK ON!!!!!!!
    3920 days ago
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