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Friday, January 29, 2010

Well today is National Puzzle Day (I have an Oriental Trading Calendar & it has all this neat national days).
It's ironic that in national puzzle day I figure out that my life is a puzzle. It is up 2 me to fit it all together & properly. I have to put the puzzle known as Maga together noone else is gonna notice when the edges don't fit right but I do. It is up 2 me to figure out how to make time for everything I do & want to do.
I don't do what alot of ppl consider 'work', but my job doesn't end @ a certain time I don't get a day off. If I get a break from one part of my life there is always something else I need to b dealing with.
My dad has 2 b given his medicine & reminded to eat each of his meals not to mention he can't prepare or heat up his own food.
La has to b taken 2 school, church, dr's & counseling not 2 mention scheduling play dates & visitation with her parents.
I m a site supervisor @ an after-school reading program @ a local elementary school 2 days a wk & I volunteer @ my church's high school 1x a wk 2 teach Violence Prevention. I Deacon & teach sunday school & there is the Friday night 4 Everyone which included youth group (I focus on jr high). During the summer I coordinate the VBS
Family call me whenever they r planning parties 2 come up wit ideas. I m also an ear to many of them.
There is the house which do to the years of neglect b4 we took over there is always something needing to b fixed. The animals taken care of cause they r important 2 keep around 4 dad.
I have a marriage & 3 grown children who seem to forget that they on there own. I'm NaNa to 5 precious granddaughters & I spend as much time with my God-children & nieces & nephews. Family especially this past yr has become very important 2 me.
As all of those puzzle pieces have always seemed to fit so well together I've come 2 realize that there were alot of jagged edges on my puzzle I FINALLY FIGURED OUT Y THE PUZZLE DIDN'T FIT QUITE RIGHT. There was No ME TIME, there was no time scheduled for Maga 4 exercising for chatting with friends online. No time 4 healhty food & 2 figure out wat that even meant. 4 me. No time even 2 read a book.

It has changed especially over the past 6 mths; the puzzle is finally together no jagged edges; no pieces forced to fit where they don't belong; there may still b a few missing pieces BUT by the Grace of God - I do now c what the puzzle is really suppose to look like.

One of my favorite parts of the puzzle as I look @ it is the corner marked Sparkpeople. It is 1 of the corner stones right along w/ my Lord & Savior. It's amazing cause next 2 my hubby (who is my best friend, confidant, & cheo); everyday that I wake is so much easier to deal with because I have God & then my wonderful Spark-friends to get me thru anything that life throws @ me.

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