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Friday, January 29, 2010


I'm disillusioned. I'm at the point with all diets I have ever been on that I am totally frustrated. I lost 2 pounds, then another I thought, now I am back up again. SIGH! It would be time to give up had I not made a committment to myself to do this and finish the race. I know I'm probably eating too much. This week, my calorie intake was up a little higher than my goal a couple of days and right at the goal the rest of the time. I would put my nutrition tracker public if I could figure out how to do so.

I have not started regular exercise yet and I know that this would help so please don't tell me to do this. In 34 days, shouldn't I have lost weight anyway? I have taken the dog for a walk most days and I've done a few things and I walked 3 miles last Saturday so I'm not totally a slug. In addition, I struggled with my depression this month and at times like these, all my energy goes to keeping me on a level keel. I do plan to walk tomorrow, at least 3 miles again. I will have 300 plus minutes in for the month.

I have reviewed my goals and I am meeting them except weight loss. If I'm to lose 30 pounds by the end of July, something needs to happen. As I said before, weight sticks to me like glue and it is darn hard to lose and I'm about to ditch the effort.

On the other end, I have kept my goal of leaving desserts and sweets for special occassions. Thank God for that. My husband's birthday is Monday and I know we will have cake and ice cream on Sunday and probably go out for dinner. I already feel like I ate too much and it hasn't even gotten here yet. Hope I get some feed back and encouragement.

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    P.S. Carol, if you look at certain days on my food log, there is nothing listed for breakfast. That is because I'm on a strange sleep cycle (oftentimes 3am-11am), so my first meal is lunch. Also, there are a lot of snack entries. That's usually my third time eating for the day . . . lunch (anywhere from 11am-2pm), dinner usually around 7pm, then the snack entries for around 11pm-2am. One of my sons works the night shift 3-4 nights per week, so I like to be up and about when he is home. He stays on his day sleeping schedule, so it suits me fine to sleep closer to a schedule that allows me to be around all of my family when they are home.
    3037 days ago
    Hi Carol! Please hang in there and remember if you weigh yourself more than once a week, you are really likely to see fluctuations. They are normal. I'm finding that when I don't drink water, I retain enough fluid to create an unpleasant fluctuation. I lost weight the first 10 days, and I haven't lost any since. I have 810 fitness minutes for the month from leaf-raking and snow-sweeping, but I haven't exercised at all for two weeks due to my chest cold, so here I sit without any weight lost, and I'm eating within my calorie range just about every day. I'm thinking cardio exercise five times a week and water drinking are probably essential, and you already have plans to up your exercise, so you are on the right path.

    You can make your nutrition tracker public by clicking on "edit my spark page" then in the top right of the big white area under "More Options," check the box for "share my nutrition tracker" then go down to the upper right of your spark page and click "save changes."

    You inspired me to begin tracking fiber, and I've learned that I don't eat nearly enough of it, but when I eat more fruits and vegetables, including beans, and my whole wheat bread, I get closer. Somehow yesterday, I made into the range for the first time! You can look at my nutrition tracker and see that I still eat ice cream!

    Applebee's has some delicious meals under 550 calories, and Chipotle has a nutrition calculator. I got the Carnitas Bowl (no sour cream, no guacamole) and it was 565 calories, I think. You can still eat out, you can still have ice cream and cake, too! And you can still be in the range if you plan ahead. I had cake only (not ice cream) at our granddaughter's birthday party. Just a short square of it, but it was just right. You can do this, Carol. Enjoy your hubby's birthday to your heart's content. It will not be the end of this for you even if you go over your calories.

    I'm hoping you have better weather so you can walk briskly on a regular basis. I absolutely hate exercise. What are we going to do with ourselves? I know if I would get moving regularly, my pounds would come off, too. For now, I'm happy you and I are eating better and tracking our food. Those are two big changes, and we can add to them gradually. I wanted my weight off by May. Ugh! I know the progress is going to build. January is the toughest month of the year for depression. I have had a pretty constant case of apathy about life this month, but I think the sunnier days ahead are going to change all of that.

    God bless you, Carol. I need you here as a Spark Friend, if that helps. I sincerely mean it that you are an encouragement to me.
    3037 days ago

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