Day Three Recap = SuccessISH

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Like I said yesterday, the week has been a bit hectic. Yesterday was MOSTLY a success as far as 21 day challenge goes. I did a hard workout, albeit a shortened one. 30 minutes on the stairmonster level NINE (what what!) and 20 minutes of weights. I also ate pretty healthfully (and even packed my own snack for the Nannying job!) uuunnntttilllll the evening.

I helped with some of the food prep for the Reunion tonight which included my making the Best Cookie Cake Ever. No really, that is the name. People swoon over this cake. I've had marriage proposals come out of giving it as a gift. It is THAT incredible. So I didn't do as much damage as I normally would have, but I still ate some....about a piece worth.

THEN I wasn't hungry for dinner so I didn't eat...but became VERY hungry around 10 when I hadn't eaten. So while I was still within my cals for the day (1640 or so?) I did not eat ideally/consciously/healthfull

Today is no sweets so far and I won't have any tonight at the reunion dinner. No grains so far today but I will definitely be having those. And AFTER the dinner (since it is the only time I can fit it in) I will be heading to the gym for a late cardio workout.

Two more things before I leave. One....this app process is killing me. It is in, done and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. But two nights ago I had the WORST nightmare concerning it that seriously threw off my whole day. Not in a pathetic, OMG my day is ruined because of this fake scenario, but in a heart palpitations everytime I thought of it kind of way. If you are new to me, you don't know that I am socially-awkward-smart. And I am going to graduate school. At Harvard. At least, that is the plan. In 2008-2009 they accepted 37% of applicants into the Div School and honestly, if I can't beat out 63% of the jokesters applying than I need to re-evaluate my life as a whole. I say this not in a cocky way, but in a truthfully, chart my life up until this moment, I am in a much higher percentile than the 63rd. But I digress.

In my dream I came home and had a big envelope in the mail from Harvard (because everyone knows big envelope means acceptance, small means rejection). I was SO excited and rushed to open it. When I opened it not only was I rejected but it gave the stats of where you stood in their list. So number 1 was obviously the best applicant, they loved him/her. Number two not quite as good but still outstanding, etc. etc. I was.... drumroll please...THIRD FROM THE BOTTOM. omfg. I woke up with my heart racing, sweating, around 2 AM. I still get nervous when I think about it. I have backup schools yes, I have a backup job at an incredible company yes, but backups are just that -- NOT WHAT I WANT.

So...off of me and my dramatics for a moment -- if you are reading this please please please take the time to go to JUSTLOSEIT23's page and wish her both good and bad luck. She has an interview for PT school in the morning at an AMAZING private school....the best in her state. That is why you should wish her good luck. Then wish her bad luck because she is also applying to Boston U, where I want her to go so we can be real life friends in Boston. :)

You are the best!
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    So many YAY's in this blog!! ..Yay for...packing a snack for nannying, only eating a piece worth of cookie cake batter, staying within your cals, no sweets at the reunion, and still fitting in a late night workout!!! :D You are doing so awesome, Rach! I'm so sorry about your nightmare...I know how realistic MY school-related dreams are, so I can't even imagine how scary it must've been!! Have the heart palpitations stopped yet?? lol. Seriously. I hope you're not still thinking about it...you are amazing, and HAVE to be one of the top applicants (p.s. LOVE your explanation of how smart you are but not in a cocky way lol) and I just have a great feeling about you and Harvard :) aaand awww thank you so much! I love the last paragraph (obviously) :) So sweet of you! Well I guess it doesn't much matter if I get into Miami after all ;) BAAAAHH! Harvard, please send Rachel's acceptance letter already so we can know for sure that we will both be in Boston this summer! kthx. Love, Amber. k this is a super long post lol...love you! ttyl, we need to have a weekend-recap convo.
    3432 days ago
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