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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I have finally come to terms with the fact that I will not get better without serious intervention. Since my doctor's diagnosis, I've had a doppler test which indicated that the blood flow to my legs was limited; an ultrasound which pinpointed the narrowing of the arteries in my thighs; and a blood test which confirmed that I have no risk factors. My total cholesterol was 127; my blood pressure 117/70; I don't smoke nor drink nor do I have diabetes, which are all risk factors for this disease, so why do I have it? We can imagine it must be genetic, but neither of my parents had the diagnosis and they are both dead. So my doctor has suggested an angiogram. I have always focused on natural healing and would have preferred to spend a lifetime without surgery, but I'm also mindful that the quality of life that I have now can be better if my legs worked the way they once did. I now have a handicapped poster that I hang in my rear view mirror when I park in designated spots. I try not to use it whenever I could to prove that life has not changed. But the reality is that I need it and that's still not natural for me. So having had my pity party, and even though tears still come to my eyes when I think about it, I've agreed to an angiogram which is scheduled for February 5th. I'm asking my Spark Family to say a prayer for me sometime during that day. I am a true believer in the power of prayer. My prayer is that God will guide the hands of the doctor and his staff as they work to restore health to my body. Thanks everyone.
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    I will pray for you.
    3369 days ago
    You are definitely always in my thoughts and prayers - everyday and I will be doing double duty on the 5th. May God place his loving arms of protection around you and the doctors that will be with you on this part of your journey!!!
    3370 days ago
    I so understand you pain. I for years used the excuse, I will feel better if I eat right, lose weight, ect. ect. ect. Then I was faced with the reality that there was nothing I could do except have surgery. Each doctor appointment just found something else wrong. I had the surgery and it took care of so many things, I was able to get my iron where it needed to be so I didn't have to have a transfusion. Unfortunately I was back right where I started on the weight and still couldn't exercise because of my back, sometimes I could not even walk. Anyway long story short asking for that temporary disability pass was so hard because it felt like defeat, the medical field still says nothing is wrong with my back, the chiropractor finally figured it out. So with his help, physical therapy I have come so far, but reality is that my situation is probably not reversible. Yes I am so much better, and most days can do anything I want especially when you factor in the 100+ pounds lost. So I spend my times focusing on what I can change and not what I can't. What I can do instead of what I can't! So do what you can and allow God to direct you to what can be achieve through your doctors. I am praying for you!
    3371 days ago
    We all will be praying for you. emoticon
    3374 days ago
  • MUSTANG0421
    Klassie, our God is a healing God. I am praying that he restores and sustains you.
    3374 days ago
  • CARMEL466
    My thoughts and prayers are with you always Klassie. I know God is watching over you and will bring you through this. emoticon
    3375 days ago
    I'm not waiting til the 5th, God is a right now God. So my prayers for you begin today. I am finding as I age that this body is failing in ways I'd never imagine so there are some things I must adjust to. However, God is faithful to us and you will either be healed or he'll give you the strength to go thru.

    My prayer is that he will work a miracle in your life and that will bring you great joy for the coming year. When he heals you or makes the way for you - tell somebody about his goodness. May God also give you peace as you get ready for the procedure knowing that whatsoever you ask in his name he is able to do far beyond what we may ask, speak or imagine.

    If you need us, remember that we are here to share in your sorrows, joys, sickness, healing, whatever. God bless you.
    3375 days ago
    I have faith that God will allow the doctors to heal your affliction and that you will be your normal self again. Prayers now and the 5th. Please keep us updated. -- Lou
    3375 days ago
    You are in my prayers from this day forward. emoticon
    3375 days ago
  • WALNUT5612
    I am praying that you be healed! I am praying the God enter into the surgeons hands.
    3375 days ago
    I am sorry things have been so rough and I understand the whole "pretend like you dont need it thing" i'm a severe asthmatic and I do it all the time. I will be praying for you...from someone who has had lots of surgery my biggest advice to you is to stay positive and active. Even the little things help. The more positive and active you are the faster you will heal. I dont mean try to run a marathon when you get out of surgery or even try leave the house...but get up everyday and do your makeup. It maybe the only thing you have energy to do that day but it alone will help. The next day get up do your makeup and write a letter to an old friend. Each day make these goals and the next thing you know you will be your oldself again and better. There will be days were you will only be able to put your makeup on...just remember its okay. You are healing and to be nice to yourself. I'm here for you! I try really hard to avoid medicine and surgeries as well but I've had lots of both. If you need anything...let me know!
    3375 days ago
    Will do!
    3375 days ago
  • BIGDAD1211
    Hello my friend and Praise the Lord
    Thank you so much for the update. I have been praying for you since I met. I have you on my prayer board. God is the Master Planner of our lives and His Will is prefect. He is giving you the Grace to go through this trial and He is ever with you. So continue to praise Him and thank Him. Praise Him that you still can get to the car to use your sticker. Thank Him that you still have use of your legs and thank Him for all that He is going to do in your life!
    God will do His Will for you Klassie, just continue to trust Him.
    God bless you my friend
    In Jesus Name
    Greg emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3375 days ago
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