pretty sure i have developed a binge eating disorder

Monday, January 25, 2010

and i had a horrible weekend. i kept a food log though and showed it to my trainer this morning and i bought some books on binging and am going to really work hard on controlling my emotions and finding and doing other things than eating when i am emotional. started tom this week too so that didnt help. once again i am starting over with a new resolve and someday, hopefully this week will be the last time i have to report this. i just keep on trying. i know beating myself up is not going to help me at all even though i feel like a lamo. i am good at brushing off my knees and starting over. i am ready !!
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    Hey chica. Thank you for being so open and honest with us! I really admire that about you! Try not to dwell too much on these past mistakes. I know you can kick this binging habit, but it will take time and patience. I used to bing all the time, but I've gotten better over time, despite slip-ups. I'm here for you if you need anything! Shoot me a message anytime! Celebrate small victories when you say no to binging and reward yourself in new ways that don't involve food. You've got this! :)
    3341 days ago
    you're not a lamo girl! we've all got things we need to work on... thats why we're all here :p

    i have similar issues too and its been getting me really down and feeling bad about myself... but thats why im on this website this evening... looking for inspiration. good luck to us both :)
    3342 days ago
    thanks ladies! i am reading up on this stuff and going to put it into action. the last 6 months i have been binging in a way i have never experienced.. i mean real bad!! but no i am not a victim i make the choices and i am choosing to continue to fight and be solution oriented rather than crumble under the pressure.
    3342 days ago
    I know that for me, I'll sometimes use a "binge" as a way to beat myself up if I'm avoiding dealing with other emotions that are more difficult. It's like I'm familiar with the self abuse, and can handle that much more than anger or pain (for example). Sometimes I find that asking myself what it is that I'm trying to avoid helps. Hang in there.
    3342 days ago
    Aww, don't be so hard on yourself. And try not to 'label' what you're doing as a 'binge eating disorder' either... you are not powerless to this and you DON'T have to continue to do it. Alright, so for a weekend you let your urges take control of you and you made some less-than-optimal food choices. It doesn't define you, your nutrition, or even your week of eating. We all go through it, and now is the time to reflect and figure out what to do when faced with the same situation in the future.
    Maybe sitting down and writing out what you'll do differently will help you organize your thoughts and cement them, and then you can have a physical sheet of paper outlining your steps when you feel the behavior coming on again...
    In my case, going for a short walk, having a glass of water, getting out of the house, reading or writing in my journal are my options...

    It's inevitable that we're going to go through rough times on this journey, but believe in yourself and your amazing body's capabilities! You are doing great!

    3342 days ago
    I agree with the below poster...exercise is a good way to get your frustrations out. Try exercising instead of eating next time. emoticon
    3342 days ago
    I heard a great quote that has helped me alot.."Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." Winston Churchhill. Keep tracking. Exercise helps your emotions so much. You can do it!
    3342 days ago
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