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The Curmudegeon Reawakens

Monday, January 25, 2010

Today is a day for questions about things which bug me as a trainer and contributor to the message boards.

1. Why do so many join the Hamster/Gerbil Club and asume that hours of cardio is the way to lose weight and get fit?
2. Why do the informercial and Fit TV "trainers' patronize their potential buyers or viewers with routines of recycled 1980's vintage aerobics workouts by adding barbie bells and calling it a strength workout?
3. Why do people assume they can substitute quantity for quality and achieve the desired results?
4 Why with the known health benefits of strength training do people avoid adding it to their programmes?
5. Why do many reject the findings of research and choose to honour anecdotal information or gym myths to structure their workouts?
6.Why do some insist that muscles can be worked in isolation when any text on kinesology will disprove that concept?
7. Why do some think they can multitask during a workout and obtain the desired benefits?
8. Why do some confuse activities with workouts and try to find "fun" workouts instead of concentrating on their workouts and recognizing that progress comes from working outside their comfort zone?
9. Why do some spend money to purchase over priced DVD workouts when the same material is available online for free?

10. Why do people take a complete food, an egg and throw away the yolk which has the bulk of the nutrients and just consume only the white which is just protein?

Fell free to add to this list or refute it.
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    Right on target,and the lazy folk are always lookin for a miracle way,the only way is good old-fashioned hard work. emoticon
    3289 days ago
  • MAIRA130
    Why does getting fit always mean depriving yourself?
    - food is good, its necessary and if we dont get the right amounts we will fail!
    3364 days ago
    Yep egg yolk get a bad rep they don't deserve.

    Why do women fear getting bulky from weights? Women that do are the exception not the rule. Weight training is one of my favorite thing. No pink dumb bells allowed.
    3368 days ago
  • NWFL59
    Speaking for myself, I'm sure the informercials are counting on people to be ignorant, looking for a quick and easy 'feel good' fix. Over the years I've learned to see through these fallacies but I still need to learn a lot more and now am willing to take the time to research and try to use the more practical approach as you've presented with resistance bands, jump rope, and using your own body weight and other low tech techniques. I'm still learning and trying to correct my couch potatoe ways.
    3372 days ago
    Thanks for the post, I actually laughed out loud as I agreed with almost every point!
    After several back injuries, both knees damaged, and a handful of other stupid accidents (all my own fault), I have been told my all my doctors to take it easy, do not "bulk up", and tone what I have. I need to lose weight (something I'm not doing very well but I am gaining lean muscle and losing inches off the waist).
    Your signature says it all, it is called work for a reason, and sometimes it is not fun, but when someone says "your getting skinny", that IS fun. I'm not where I want to be yet, but by the end of this year I should be at a healthy 170 lb.
    Keep the "Curmudegeon" alive!
    3374 days ago
    Huh. Thanks for posting this. I actually have been throwing the yolk away for years because my family has a history of high cholesterol and that is what my mom was told to do years ago. Though I have never had high cholesterol, I have always done this as a precaution. You posting this made me actually research this topic again. Though, the egg yolk is higher in cholesterol, it is not significantly high enough to alone cause high cholesterol in a person. Dang, now I can save a fortune! Thanks!
    3374 days ago
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