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Monday, January 25, 2010

not been feeling well theese last few days .infact my husband wanted me to go to the hospital yesturday.to be honest i was tempted but didn´t go because i was afraid they would keep me in and now is not the right time.today ayman has his inocculations which are important and he should have had months ago but he has not been well enough.hopefully he will be well enough today.and today my husband also has his appointment with the surgeon that will be operating on him.tomorrow i have the appointment with frau hummer may from the krislerhof institution and zakariya´s schoolwith the final discission if they will keep in in the regular school(what i am fighting for )or if he must go in a special school.so the time is not right for me to be in hospital.my husband has been gfreat the last two days doing fast everything even getting up in the night with ayman ,tiding the kids room with them and letting me sleep the last two days.he even stayed up late last night to cook todays dinner tonight to save me doing it.though i must admit the thought of carrying ayman down all our stairs in a bit and later carrying him back up when we come back from the dr scares me a bit.hope i wont be in too much pain when i am carrying him.have also brook my exercise streak and i had been going soo well.23 days since the 1st january.never mind when i am feeling up to it i can start again. now back to the title of my blog.

i started sp one year ago today.though in that time i haven´t lost as much weight as i had hoped to l0ose in a year i have gained an awful lot else where.i have gained lots of freinds.you all know who you are and i am very greatful for each and everyone of you.i have gained in confidence,i have gained in my outlook.even though i still emotionally eat under stress i have it more under control than before and also when i do put on weight i don´t think it is the end of the world like before and carry on eating.even though i did put alot of the weight back on that i had lost in this year(again though emotionally eating when ayman was so ill)i didn´t put it all back on and more.that is a big thing for me and a sign that no matter how long it takes this time i will do it.so thanks spark people and it staff.thank you all my spark friends that i have now and who i have still to meet and thank you god for all i have in my life.take care and here is to hoping that my blog for my 2 year at sp will be just as positive.who knows i might have even reached my goal.once again
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