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Someone broke into my house tonight.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Everyone's ok. They didn't take very much. But I feel so violated and yucky.

Took my daughter out tonight to see some "rassling" with my brother. And when we got back and opened the door, I noticed the back door glass was taped over and smashed out.

I called the police, and it was a terrible 15 or 20 minutes waiting for them to show up. Were people still inside? What did they do? Did they just take stuff? Did they vandalize things? What about the dog? She didn't come to the door, even when I called her. Did they kill or hurt or take the dog? My daughter was bawling and scared. Not much to do but stand there and wait.

So the police come and go through the house, and find no one inside. They let us in to have a look, and it doesn't even look like anything's missing! After some closer inspection, they took coins and my collection of silver dollars. And possibly some paperwork, which I still need to check. But it's really weird. They had to pass so much other stuff to get to the bedroom. The could have taken CDs, video games hardware, components. There was even stuff sitting right by the back door I'm surprised didn't go.

The chihuahua was hiding behind the computer desk, unhurt. The police said she was barking at them when they came in.

In the grand scale of things, I'm totally lucky. They took some stuff, but everyone is fine. I'm angry that someone took my stuff, but angry at myself to for being so vulnerable. For not having a more secure door when I know I needed one. For not having an alarm. And nervous about when I might have missed. And nervous about sleeping tonight. And future nights.

Tonight I feel so violated and sick to my stomach. I doubt that anyone will be back for round two, but who knows? I feel unsafe and gross.

My daughter went to stay at her mom's. I probably should have gone there, too. It's going to be strange to go to bed tonight. I just helped myself to a strong shot of whiskey.

Make that two.

And it's almost 2am and I don't really have anyone to talk to about it. Ugh. Just a terrible feeling.

On a humorous note, I stopped and got some Wendy's on my home, and felt guilty about my convenient food choice after a week of pretty good eating. And then all of this happened, and I totally lost my appetite. So I didn't eat it.

Well, I wish you were all here for a sleepover tonight.

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    Rotten that it happened. Sorry for your loss... not the things as much as your sense of security. Put security stickers on your doors/windows whether you have service or not, most thieves will not risk tripping alarms in residential areas. Sorry that it happened to you and your daughter.

    Having all those feelings o man, feelings can be troublesome to me when they are ones I don't want to feel. Rationally, I know the feelings fade like waves on the ocean... the horizon reappears but I hate that sinking feeling in the gut when these things happen.

    Good for you for not entering the premises. That was incredibly wise and I'm sure it only exacerbated the dread feelings. Yuk. Keep moving, better days are ahead.
    3367 days ago
    I'm so sorry this happened to you and your daughter. Poor dogies, so glad she was unharmed. I had this happen many years ago, when I was about 22. I never felt safe there again and I finally moved. It was as you say, you feel violated and angry. I'm so thankful your and your daughter weren't home.
    Linda emoticon
    3368 days ago
  • DOOLEN25
    Aw..dang it! I'm so sorry to hear about it! Call me any time day or night.. and i'm not kidding!! Emailing number.. :) We all need a kind voice of reason to scare away the spooky nights..

    3369 days ago
    I am so sorry this happened to you!! I have been fortunate and never had experience something like this. I think I would be installing a security system and getting a bigger dog!

    I hope you were able to get some sleep at some point over the weekend. Take care of yourself and your daughter!!

    3370 days ago
    Oh, my! You absolutely are right feel violated... and you are right to feel any other way you feel... When I woke up to the strange guy standing over my bed a hundred years ago, I felt terrified, violated, angry, vulnerable, scared and angry again over and over...

    I'm glad they didn't harm the dog and it may be a long time before you really feel safe again... but get it out... and get some more locks out on the door if that helps you... and let us all know if you need anything at all...

    To start... here are some hugs... those never hurt...
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3371 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/24/2010 3:47:32 PM
    Hey man, that sucks..really... so sorry, when i was in college the same thing happened..yukko is right... can you get the security thing installed asap now? you may feel safer... jerks, i'm sure it is a sign of the excuse though... you did the right thing journaling and getting it off your chest...i agree with max, have someone stay for a couple of days and the whiskey was the perfect thing to do...have another if you need it...zo
    3371 days ago
    Oh hon so sorry to hear this has happened to you! I am so glad to know that you and your daughter and the dog are safe. When I was 18 some people (there was more than one) broke into my families house a week before christmas and they took all our christmas gifts. All of them. But the worst part about it was that we had two dogs and my dog (Brandy) was very protective of our house and must have been barking and someone kicked him in the face and knocked out his front teeth. I felt the same way you do, violated, nervous. It was hard to sleep and every time a tree branch scratched against the house I would sit straight up in bed and turn the lights on. You've had your sense of security taken from you, and that is the biggest loss. I hope that your little girl wasn't too traumatized. Why don't you invite a friend to come over and hang for a few days. I hate to think of you alone. Don't blame or be angry with yourself, as these things are sometimes unavoidable. Sh$t Happens. Take care and hope you feel safe and secure again soon. emoticon
    3371 days ago
    Thank God you are all safe, Albert.

    It's a form of rape, so don't let that anger misdirect itself toward YOU!

    Concentrate on helping your daughter cope without carrying the trauma.

    I pray for words of wisdom as you pick up the pieces.
    3371 days ago
  • SHEILA1505
    Sorry - it loaded itself twice!
    Guess I hit the button too hard - taking responsibility for my own actions !!

    3371 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/24/2010 10:29:16 AM
  • SHEILA1505
    It's a hideous feeling, isn't it - a real violation of your space, your privacy, your right to own nice things etc.
    What a wonderful police force you have - here, we have to go into the house first so they themselves can't be accused of taking any of the stuff - also with the additional armed response security company that we feel we need to have.

    After your rage against the event and the attitudes of entitlement of the burglars, please remember that neither you nor your child or dog were home at the time. You have not been physically harmed and hopefully you can get everything secure again rapidly! Also, I hope you have good insurance cover for the damage and loss.

    3371 days ago
    so sorry that happened to you. you should talk about it as much as you can. let all those feelings out. it sounds like an inside job to me, someone you know talked about those coins too. if you are having trouble after a while please promise me you will talk to a professional about it. something far worse happened to me 30 years ago. and i kept all the fear in and didn't talk to anyone about it. i was finally able to sleep well last summer after i let my secret out and told a caring soul. those guys got what they wanted they won't be back. get new locks and an alarm and hug your daughter so tight. ride that bike and get all those yucky feelings out. and we can talk anytime you need to. emoticon for you and your daughter. emoticon
    3371 days ago
    I'm so sorry to hear about your rough night. You can always call me! I can't help because I'm so far away, but I can listen. I'm glad your dog is ok and that nothing too important was taken. But I totally understand your feelings.

    3371 days ago
    Wow were you able to sleep at all? How is your daughter doing?

    And sleeping still in the house after that happened? I'll be honest, I would have asked someone to stay with me or asked to stay over a friend's house until I could've had a chance to look the house over in daylight. For some reason daylight comforts me and would've helped me deal better.

    Well I guess the next step is to go over everything again and start setting up a home security system. And definitely take a few minutes in your home and try to reacquaint yourself with it so you don't always feel uncomfortable in your own home.

    I hope you're feeling better this morning though.
    3371 days ago
    I'm so sorry that happened to you. Glad you and your daughter are safe. Everyone who has experienced a crime against their property feels that sense of icky violation - you are definitely not alone. I hope you can get a security system soon. Take care.
    3371 days ago
    I am sorry that you had to go through that. It must have been pretty terrible, but I am so glad that you are doing well and no one was hurt. I hope you daughter is do well. emoticon
    3371 days ago
    sorry to hear about your ordeal. i also had my home broken into and remember how vulnerable i felt afterwards and how angry i was for someone(s) having the nerve to break in MY house. hope you feel better as the days go on. you're right, i doubt they'll come back...and take care of your door. a repeat performance would be devastating. emoticon
    3371 days ago
    I can say from personally experience that having your home violated is a awful experience. I was at home when I was robbed at gun point and then they broke in to my neighbors and shot him! I will be honest and say I didn't sleep well for a good 3 months and was paranoid about the security of everything around me. You eventually calm down after a while but I really do feel for you about this. :( It sucks. There is no nice way to put it...
    3371 days ago
    I'm so sorry about the break-in but thankful that you and your family are safe.
    3371 days ago
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