Surviving Thursday & Friday

Friday, January 22, 2010

At the beginning of this week, I anticipated that Thursday and Friday would be my difficult days. Yesterday, my day looked like this:

7:00-7:45 get kids ready for school
7:50-8:05 SYB Boot Camp workout
8:05-8:15 Shower& get dressed
8:25-8:35 Eat breakfast
8:35-9:05 drive to school
9:05-10:55 class
11:05-11:30 drive home
11:35-11:45 change into work clothes & drive to work
11:50-3:30 Work lunch shift (eat snack)
3:35-3:40 drive home
3:45-4:00 eat lunch
4:00-4:30 homework w/ kids
4:45-10:00 work dinner shift
10:15 eat dinner

I was doubting my ability to get through the day with allowing time to exercise and prep snacks & meals in advance. It was harried & I didn't have much time to "stop & breathe," but I was able to get through the day. Could I have eaten my breakfast slower & enjoyed it more? Probably. Otherwise, I did what I had to do and made healthy choices along the way. I got through the day without sneaking sugar cubes for the Persian tea out of the glass container. I got through the day without mindlessly grazing on pita bread. I made time for exercise in the morning, even if it was a shorter workout than I would have liked. I even managed to drink 12 cups of water.

As for today, I am scheduled for a lunch & dinner double shift. I ate breakfast, exercised, packed a lunch, & got ready for work. So far, I've gotten through lunch without mindless snacking. Instead of pita, I've been grabbing chopped Romaine lettuce to munch on. I'm about to have my afternoon snack before I start the dinner shift.

What I've learned from this: "We plan to fail when we fail to plan."
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