Friday, January 22, 2010

Sooo I haven't written too much about Program #2. To be honest, I had a bit of trouble getting into it. Part of the problem was heavy gym traffic making me mash moves from different days together - something that always makes me grumpy. Plus I just liked the first program better. (Note: I am NOT saying that JACKTHEKNIFE sucks at program writing; he's pretty good at it.)

Anyway, I guess I'll just write down what I've noticed so far.
- Weighted Glute Bridge: Lying down with a barbell on your hips is quite possibly the least fun thing ever. The bar itself hurts my hips (pain is lessened when I add a pad to the barbell, but the pad frequently comes loose). Getting under it and out from under it proved tricky - sitting down gives me no strength at all. It was made easier by stacking a couple of plates under the weights. The move is, at best, a finicky one and the "burn" I get is negligible.
- Kneeling squat: spreading my knees while doing this allows me to feel my working muscles a bit more. However, it's a bit painful on my knees.
- Kneeling hp extension: Very good for the hams and muscle control. However, using my bodyweight with this has gotten pretty easy and I'm not sure how to make this harder (my Spidey senses tell me that holding increasingly heavy dumbbells behind my head is a BAD idea).
- Dumbbell Back Extension: for some reason, this hurts my lower back.
- Plie Squat: I love this move. There is one problem and that the dumbbells I can hold with my hands are far too light to make a difference in my legs.
- Sumo leg press: love this move. No issues.
- Leg press calve raises: for reasons I can't fathom, my feet have started sliding upwards on the leg press when I do this, resulting in no calve burn. Yesterday I decided to use the calve-raise machine - I used waaaaaay less weight and got a huge burn out of it. So maybe time to switch up calve-training stimuli?
Tricep Press Down: I adore this. One of my favourites.
Standing military press: I like it and I'm not having any issues with it.
Incline tricep extension: I sometimes wonder about my form. That's about it.
Partial pushup: Not sure how much I like this one, but I'm doing partials on the floor, which is a HUGE achievement for me (I used to be stuck doing them on my knees). Again, I'm wary about my form being correct.
Incline bench press: talk about an ego killer. I can barely do it with 25lb weights and this week I actually had to scale back to two 10lb weights because I just couldn't push the heavier ones. Why is this harder than doing a bench press on a flat bench?
Hip Thrust: oooh boy does this ever get my hamstrings/glutes going. Surprisingly difficult for a bodyweight move.
Reverse crunch: Nothing new here. I'm getting a bit bored with it though.
Lat pull-downs: as usual, they seem to do more for my biceps than anything else. They've been a part of every workout since May, and I'd really like a break from them.
Pull-ups: slow goings in my goal of doing an unassisted chin-up.
Constant tension alternating bicep curls: I love this move! My biceps are slightly bulgy now!
High step-ups (with dumbbells): I hate this move more than words can say, and it's clearly the spawn of Satan. Actually, it wouldn't be, if I didn't have to do 12-15 reps, 5 times with 1 minute of rest. Also, step-ups is another move I'm getting a bit bored of.
Deadlift: ego booster! Although sometimes I wonder about my form in this as well.
Seated cable row: I feel pretty weak in this move, oddly enough.
Complexes: I like them in theory. However, the collection of moves included here doesn't work very well. I can't lift very much in the high-pull/upright row part; but I could lift a lot more in the bent over row and shrug parts. But this is a very good move to get my heart pumping. I would like to include complexes in the next program, but perhaps Jack and I should make sure the weight I can lift for the moves is equal.
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