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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last night I was at the Y (not surprising) and taught my Double Step class. I had a huge turnout - 8 "repeats" and 4 new people. The repeat people really pleases me because this is not step for the beginner or intermediate even - some of it is pretty advanced. But with the new people I stuck to some of the easier sections. However, people were showing up late so I kept having to stop to help them setup and give them the rundown of how Double Step works.

Don't know if anyone watches Biggest Loser but you know the teams of two big women who stand around and don't really care? Or one doesn't care and one does? That's what 2 of the women reminded me of. When I was doing the warmup and just doing a simple basic step the two ladies 1. weren't paying attention (watching me) and 2. stepping with the beat. It's not that they couldn't keep a beat it's that they didn't want to!

Another lady who keeps coming but really can't do it was facing the wrong way and sharing steps so was running into one of the other regulars - we got her setup on her own set of steps. Well, four of us "regulars" ended up having to share steps cause the class was crowded and it was so strange! You have to make sure you stay on the right step!

I finally decided to just keep the class going and not worry about the two other ladies and ended up doing ok!

Well, the plan had been then to run on the treadmill but I was rather irritated and agitated about something that had happened at the Y involving the child care program - see, it seems that a little over a year ago they reduced the time in the child care for the older kids to 2.5 hours but simply never told anyone - not members etc. So I didn't know and I know that I've had to teach long hours before and have had my daughter in the program for 3 hours and no one ever said anything. Tuesday, as I was cleaning up the aerobics room after my class, one of the ladies came to find me to see where I was since I was getting close to the 2.5 hour mark. I said "Huh?" what 2.5 hour limit? Well, I finished up and got my daughter right at 2.5 hours but wondered why I didn't know there was a limit and what would happen if for some reason I had to teach longer than 2.5 hours - which has happened before. I asked and couldn't get a good answer, one person said they could make an exception but I'd have to check with the director.

So last night I talk to the director of the children's activities and she's acting like it's always been then way (it hasn't) and that it's posted (it's not). I found the schedule where it supposedly is and showed it to her that it's not on there. Then they are like "It's a state regulation" and I said fine, I understand, but what happens if I have to teach longer than 3 hours and they are like "you can't leave her in child care that long."

Then they look at me like I'm crazy cause they don't think I teach all that much and I said - Oh yes, aside from another instructor I teach more classes at the Y than any other instructor and I am frequently there on Saturdays from 7:30 am until 10:30 am, occasionally, not that often, teaching 3 classes straight!

Anyway - I was so irritated I couldn't get into my run and bagged it after the knee started hurting and it was 13 minutes. Better than nothing huh?

Today I'm looking into getting my ACE Group Fitness certification but the kit to study AND to take the exam is $559! It's pricey but I could teach fitness classes anywhere if I had that certification.
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    Hi :) Sorry to hear about your frustrating day...sounds extremely silly to not make exceptions for employees - state laws or not...what's the reasoning behind 2.5 hours vs 3 anyway? I used to work in a daycare of a health club..many years ago, people always ran late, it wasn't a big deal..

    I sadly would be one of those people not moving in sync with the music or instruction - I cannot do organized aerobics or step or even dance class - i'm very around is what I do. So I just steer clear of those classes. I like pilates class beat to have to coordinate to!

    4096 days ago
  • no profile photo KESS52
    Gee, I suppose at 2 hours 20 min. you could tell your class to do a cool down becuase you have to collect your daughter. emoticon
    4099 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1808545
    Hope your frustration settles. I can't imagine them not working with you on the daycare, if you are teaching classes! Its not like you drop them off and play in the hot tub or something
    4099 days ago
    I'd say just let little Miss N play in the street or give her a lighter to play with. LOL.

    Best wishes in your decision to go for your ACE.
    4099 days ago
    When I see folks like your step ladies, I just, so WHY are you here, exactly?!

    Ooh, that ACE certification looks good, if a little pricey...but you should go for it!
    4099 days ago
    Hope you are able to get your certification. That would be cool. I teach software classes and have people like that all the time. You wonder why they even bother to come.
    4099 days ago
    That sounds very frustrating. Hope today is better! Let us know if you decide to go for your ACE certification.
    4099 days ago
    That's all very interesting. I think they have a 2-hour limit here, but my kids were never very good about staying there at the Y care. The ACE stuff is interesting, too.
    I love love love step!
    4099 days ago
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