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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"We cannot do everything at once but we can do something at once."
– Calvin Coolidge

I really love this quote. To me it is a reminder that even if I can’t do it all at once I can at least do something towards it. That is a reminder I’ve needed. I have been having trouble focusing. Today my focus is better. In fact, the last week has been better. In that time I started to be more consistent. I am not trying to do everything at once now. I am focusing on doing one thing, just one tiny thing at a time. I am finding success in this.

First, my kitchen is cleaner than it has been in a very long time. It is not done yet, but I can see the difference. It all started with a shiny sink. Instead of letting the laundry pile up for weeks, I have started washing a load a day, as needed. This includes hanging/folding and putting them away. This means I will no longer have to spend an entire weekend day doing laundry. I can use my weekends for other things.

I was having trouble eating within my calorie range. For about a month. So I went back to my first step on this healthy living journey. I just started tracking the food again. I did not worry about the numbers, just getting it logged in. This week I have eaten in range for 6 of 7 days so far. I had not been exercising consistently. I let my pain dictate my life. Now I lay out my clothes the night before and tell myself I can stop in after 10 minutes if I need to. I am building the foundation for my healthy active life.

Today I crossed 17,750 exercise minutes logged into Spark People. When one of my friends noted it and congratulated me, my first thought was to say how little that actually was. I mean, when I compare (and here’s a big mistake I often make) myself to others here I haven’t done nearly as much as they have. I know people who spend hours exercising every day. What must their fitness points look like after three years? Well, I chose not to exercise that way so I don’t have the extra points. Still when I divided the 17,750 by the three years (well nearly three) it comes out to about 6,000 minutes of exercise per year. Not too shabby huh? I mean I went from 0 exercise to 6,000 minutes on average. I am proud of this achievement. Wait…

The world didn’t end, I wasn’t struck by lightning, and I didn’t lose my job. I am allowed to be proud of the success I have. I think when I cross 20,000 exercise points I will have to reward myself somehow. I am not good at that. I will praise and reward others but not myself. I am working on that. Perhaps I will reward myself with a book. One I wouldn’t normally buy, but looks interesting. I’ll thing about it.

Since starting the bootcamp all these good things have come to pass. I don’t know how I’m doing weight wise. I think I’m still about my starting weight. If it comes off fine, if not, also fine. I am working at fitness of mind, body and home this year, not a number on a scale. The weight will come off when it’s ready. I am preparing the way now by building that solid foundation.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    A wonderful blog! emoticon I can especially use the organizational skills!!!!
    3072 days ago
  • JACOBSS914
    You should be proud that is wonderful, I am proud of you, I know the living with pain, but you have realized, the pain can not stop you. Sure it hurts, on days like you won't live, but you do, you get stronger, and you go on.

    Keep up the good ( scratch that ) the great work. I know I will see you in another year, and heres to quite a few more.
    3073 days ago
    Good for you! You should feel proud of what you have accomplished--because it wasn't a small feat. And not only did you get up and start exercising and eating better and taking control of new areas of your life, but three years later you are still doing it-and that's a major accomplishment as well. In fact, from what I can tell you keep pushing yourself a little further, trying new things, expanding your goals. And that's good too.

    We really are a lot alike, aren't we? I have a really hard time with that little voice in my head that says "look at how much so and so does--you aren't doing half that much." I posted recently on a message board where people were saying what they did for exercise, and my first feeling was one of embarrassment, because a number of people posted doing a lot more than I do. It didn't matter if many of them didn't do as much as I do--I noticed the ones who did more. For example, many people spend an hour doing cardio five days a week--sometimes longer, or more days. My goal is still only 20 minutes a day, and while many days I'm able to stretch it to 30, it's a struggle to do so. Even if I was physically fit enough to handle 60 minutes M-F of cardio, I don't know how I would find that much time. It's again a struggle to find the time I have to work out. But I am not these other people, I am me. Everyone has their own limitations--physical, access to equipment or space, time, etc. And I'm doing pretty well with the limitations I have--I shouldn't compare myself with what other people accomplish. And yet it's something I struggle with--silencing that little voice.

    I also have a hard time actually rewarding myself for working out or meeting weightloss goals or whatever--I think it's because, deep down, I feel like I'm rewarding myself for something I should be doing. Just like I wouldn't expect a reward from work for meeting my basic job requirements, there's a part of me that feels I don't deserve a reward for heating healthy or working out or whatever because that's just basic things I should be doing. And yet I know, intellectually, that that's just silly--I do deserve rewards for pushing myself and trying to better myself, to make myself fitter and healthier.

    So definitely you should feel proud of yourself, and have fun picking out and earning whatever reward you pick for 20,000 fitness minutes. Because that's pretty incredible and you'll have earned it.
    3073 days ago
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