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Update on Zach - Still Going Strong....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Zach with his Service Dog, Adair

Update for Zach

Still going strong...
Posted Jan 15, 2010 1:55pm

Well he has had up days and down days but still looks better than anyone could have imagined he would. We are still working on some of his other issues like his sugars and bone and kidneys. His K level has been way to high 6.6 and they are doing what they can do get this under control. He has started some very mild P.T. just getting out of bed takes 3 of us to help him.
It has been a hard last two days in the transplant unit a family lost their daughter after a long struggle and it breaks your heart to see it happen while you have been given a second chance. Please pray for this family.

I have to tell you all that Zachs angel Katie is what brought him this liver . The day they knew Zach was going to get a liver Terri had come to visit and had hung a picture of Katie over Zachs bed and we know that Katie Matt and Tariq have always looked out for our boy but Katie really brought this one home for us. Thank you our dear little Katie!
Thank you too for all the offers of help for Ty and Tori it really takes alot of stress off knowing so many of you are out there to help.
FYI 92,000 people are right now are awaiting some sort of organ transplant and there are only around 6000 donors currently available yearly,looking at those odds I'd say Zach has finally won the good lottery!!

I don't think I need to add anything to this other than say this little guy certainly needed this break. Just an FYI - Katie and Traiq are friends of Zach's who lost their battle with
Leukemia. God Bless them all.

Hugs, Sunny
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