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Big Boned!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

At a Weight Watchers meeting earlier this month I sat by a woman who asked me many questions about my weight loss journey. I shared with her several of my favorite recipes, products, and ways to earn activity points. At one point she commented that because she had a delicate frame she was concerned that WW wouldn't work for her, but now that she saw that it worked for me, who she considered likewise petite and small boned, it just might. I certainly wanted to encourage her, but my head was spinning!

Me. Petite?? Small boned??? When I was growing up I remember weight charts with three columns: one for small framed people, a second for medium framed people and a third for those with a heavy frame, also known as "Big Boned." My relatives from sturdy German peasant stock all assured me that I was as big boned as they come. I had always thought of myself as extremely Big Boned. I got my growth early and in 5th and 6th grade I think I would have convinced an alien that I was a different species from the other kids in my class. I was a head taller and twice as wide!

Recently when my doctor gave me the results of my bone density test she said she'd never seen anyone my age with bones so strong. I commented that I'd never missed a nutrient and she smiled, but assured me that bones like mine had to be hereditary. So here it was recently confirmed. I am Big Boned.

But here this lovely woman saying I am petite like her. I look at her delicate wrist. I look at mine. Well, maybe there was a time when I was Big Boned.
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    If big bones means strong bones, then I want big ones!

    3500 days ago
    In your pictures you look little
    3500 days ago
    What a nice complement. From your pictures I would never guess you are big boned.
    3500 days ago
    Isn't it amazing how one's perspective gets tossed for a loop? I completely identify with your blog because, recently, a friend who hadn't seen me for about six months said, "I need to lose weight. How did you do it?" Before I could open my mouth she said, "Oh, but it's easier for you because you're small-boned." And right there she shot down my lifelong excuse of why I was overweight. How could anyone with these huge wrists ever be petite I used to think? I guess there was a thin wrist in there screaming to get out.

    3500 days ago
    You see, it's all a matter of perspective. Now you have a different image of yourself. Imagine if those types of thoughts were planted early in life? Have a wonderful evening.
    3501 days ago
    It's strange to find out how others perceive us, when we've had ideas about ourselves for so long. I'm glad you were able to give the woman hope. That's really great!
    3501 days ago
    I once overheard someone saying, "She's not big boned, she's little exercised".

    Unlike you, she obviously hadn't completed Day 17 of Bootcamp!
    3501 days ago
    At least you gave this other woman hope.

    Just looking at your wrist is not the way to determine frame/bone size. Neither is wrapping your fingers around the wrist. Measuring the wrist comes closer.

    I measured mine and I am large boned. That and $5 will get you a StarBucks coffee.

    At least you gave this other woman hope! That is priceless.

    Love you,
    3501 days ago
    I think "Big-Boned" was mostly just a euphemism used by well-meaning people to acknowledge that a young lady is bigger than others, but not so much that it's a "Terrible Shame". My grandmother in particular used to tell me I was Big-Boned when I was in high school. I think it was mostly just that I was somewhat tall for a girl, and a bit overweight besides.

    But I've been looking at my wrists lately, and thinking that perhaps I'm not so Big-Boned as I was always led to believe! I can wrap my fingers of one hand aroung the other wrist and have the fingertips overlap by at least a half-inch! I've either got abnormaly long fingers, or my "frame" isn't as big as I thought...
    3501 days ago
    You might want to read my spark blog, How I became slim, thin and healthy. Day 17. I think it was day 17. Anyway, I was reading Natural Health and they were describing the three body types and I am a slug, oops kapha, the earthy type, big boned sort of woman. Kind of funny.
    3501 days ago
    So last night I was lamenting to my husband that we weigh almost the same. He, trying to make me feel better said, "But you have big bones". I clocked him over the head.

    Nice try but sometimes a thin person (husband in this case) can never say the right thing to someone not so thin (wife, with normal sized bones, thank you very much!).

    Cute Blog. Thanks
    3501 days ago
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