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My friend did not show up! First workout in a real gym!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So, I was all ready to go to the gym today with my friend, but she never showed up at the lunch area! We were supposed to meet there, then walk up the the gym. So, I ate lunch and then decided to go check out the gym. I figured she might have forgotten and might be there already waiting for me…well she wasn’t, and she never showed up! I think she is sick…:(

But, I worked out alone! I started on the stationary bike to warm up, and just watched people, what machines they did, how much weight and their form…

I started watching this old guy who looked like he knew what he was doing. So when he was done with one machine, I would grab it and use the weight that he was lifting. Obviously, I had to change the weights to be lower (that was great…) but then while I was on the machine I would keep him in the corner of my eye and see what he was doing on the next machine…so I basically “stalked” him across 5 machines. But then he left :(

I found a machine and just used it based on what the guidelines said. Then a girl came around so I started following her around…

Gym things I learned/facts:

1. I learned that my left side is weaker…I did only machines but some of them you could use unilateral meaning one arm does not depend on the other arm. Especially when I was doing this one chest machine, when I lifted my right arm would be able to do the last few reps and my left arm would be jello and barely even move…lol

2. I can do the ab crunch machine!! In a class in fall 2008 we had to workout once in the gym, which I hated…I was around 260 then though. I couldn’t do that machine at all! But then I didn’t feel bad though because one of the classmates, a girl, who was skinny and good at all of the athletic games we played could not do that machine either! But I must have gained strength somewhere because I can do it now!
I even watched the one girl try to do it before me, then I checked out the instructions to make sure I was doing it right. I think it was, no cheating and I can them!

3. I did at least 11-12 weight machines, plus the stationary bike. I just stuck to the machines for today…I might work on those for 6 weeks, get a good program and then try their free weights…

4. I might not be as dumb as I thought…with the lat pulldown machine, I specifically thought that you don’t pull the bar down & behind your head, right? I read that somewhere last night when I was trying to research gym machines & how to use them. Girls/beginners hold onto the bar with their hands far away and advanced people can keep their hands closer together to make it more difficult. Yet, despite all I read at least 2 people pulled that bar down behind their head! arg…

5. I think the next time I workout, I will work my chest & back first (working the big muscles first, right?) And maybe abs…somewhere I need to do legs (when?) and then last arms (like the shoulders, biceps and supporting small muscles) Does this sound right?

I don’t think my mom understands and I don’t think she is talking to me…this morning before leaving the house we heard on the radio it was supposed to snow. I said I hoped not because I really wanted to go to the gym with my friend! I have been looking forward to this for a long time! Well…she said she has been looking forward to not being in pain. I had no idea how these things relate? Last week she had this pain in her left side and got prescription medicine because it is a urinary track infection.

She was mad/is mad because I said I didn’t understand why that related to the gym. It might be me, but that was just a weird thing to say or reply with to me saying about looking forward to the gym? I am upset that she is in pain, but I believe it is due to all the weight she has, how she eats, ect. And I always invite her to walk with me, but she won’t…so what am I supposed to do :(

So, she is not speaking with me. I told her I was going to send my friend an e-mail and she said “whatever” and then when I asked if she was mad at me, she said no. So I dunno :(
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    Pain can make people pretty cranky (coming from someone here who has pain from too much weight and bad joints.) It's hard to want to exercise when you're in pain, and easy to snap at people you love. You also don't think much about what you say, so it's easy to say something that really doesn't make sense.

    You said "X is what I'm focused on," and she replied with "X is what _I'm_ focused on." So she's sharing, but in a bit of a self-centered way. The pain may also be pushing your mom to her comfort foods.

    If you want to help her, you may try to comfort her without food, make sure she breaks the pain cycle (switching meds back and forth can help), cook a healthy meal for both of you once in a while, and continue to set a good example. TRUST ME, I'm the mom of four, and seeing my children healthy and happy is the most precious gift I could ever ask for. Barring any huge dysfunctionality, I'm sure she's the same way.

    Keep up the good work! You are doing fabulously. emoticon emoticon
    2966 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/9/2010 6:53:57 PM
    haha oh man what an experience. But look at you go!! you did it!! :) emoticon
    3015 days ago
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