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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It would seem that spring is trying super hard to come early! at least here in the south. the past week we've had temps in spreading from 50's to 70' for daytime highs..though at night they're still pretty chilly. 30's and below.

Not that i spoke about it much, i was a 'casual smoker'. one of those people who smoked so little why do you bother? well as another goal i set ..and in the presence of my children, i said "For every week that i've not smoked i'll put the amount of money aside into a savings account weekly". I calculated it to be like $10 a week. that's roughly 2 packs. so far, i've not had a cigarette since friday night. Though, i've been putting $15 aside for the last 2 weeks, i'll put another $15 this week, just so that i can open their savings accounts all at the same time. I know it's not much now, but i hope that soon it'll add up and once i think they're old enough i'll turn the savings accounts over to them. obviously the boys will have longer time to mature and collect interest then the girls, but it's more than i got. and of course any birthday or other money that they get can be put in as well.
I told my Husband, that once he quit, we'd put that money into our own savings aside and away from our usual accounts..as he smokes way more than i ever did. and at $20-25 a week in cigs, well that's about $100 a month. A LOT of money we could be saving if/when he decides to quit.

Time to finish up the school year and go shopping for next year's supplies. My oldest has decided that public middle school isn't all it's cracked up to be. and has requested to be homeschooled again. IMAGINE THAT! lol! but i'm gonna make her finish out this year as she's the one who initally BEGGED to go lol! I really don't mind all that much that she doesn't want to go to 'public' school. I know that what i was teaching her is more advanced for her and gives her more challenge..and keeps her moving. I can form the school work to each individual child and how they learn best, and i don't have to push them to conform to a standard that doesn't fit them. It's more work, but I KNOW now that it's what is really best for my children. so i loose time for me, it won't always be so..but how many kids get to say they can go to an amusement park in the middle of the week and ride the best ride like 8 times in a row? or take a cross country field trip and learn that way? i plan on having these opportunities available to my children so that they can live life to the fullest and learn without realizing they are..to me..that's the best way. making it fun so it doesn't seem like work.

have a great week and do something fun!
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    well that's fabulous!! I thought you had already quit so now I just have to keep better tabs on you LOL!!! amazing how it adds up for sure. I should do the same thing with the chocolate I don't buy anymore :):)

    have a great night!!

    2998 days ago
    Good luck with getting Eric to quit! Good luck to you, too!
    It is a good healthy decision! I am proud of you for wanting to make that change! :-)
    lol.. funny about Chandra!
    3003 days ago
    That is fantastic about the child wanting to be homeschooled. Big kudos to you for making her stick it out. We have to do that with the oldest routinely (making her do something that she signed up for when she changes her mind halfway through because it is going to be more work than she thought), but the youngest is just the opposite. A couple years ago, she wanted to do track but about halfway through her knees started to hurt really bad, but she finished the season. She came home at night and iced her knees while she did homework, but she was determined no one was calling her a quitter.

    It takes all kinds.
    3015 days ago
    Congrats on your decision to quit smoking. It can be tough but so worth it!
    3015 days ago
    What a great quit smoking incentive.
    3016 days ago
    Never doubt the significance of "small" things...it all adds up! What a fantastic plan!

    emoticon emoticon
    3016 days ago
    What a great blog....I'm hoping your hubby quit smoking as I hate smoking but more importantly you can see that money grow...and it's such a wonderful ideal about the savings accounts....who knew you homeschooled....I wanted to do that years ago but as both my boys have learning difficulties I found it very hard for me to really get them to understand what was going on....I felt like a failure so I handed my babies over to the public school system...and they are doing great so it was better for them that way...I completely understand that you want to give your children the best...Kudos to you....you rock...

    3016 days ago
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