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Thursday, January 14, 2010

How it is when the camera's off...
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    I completely know how you feel (as you have seen on my blogs). Weight loss is hard, a struggle but a journey. Sometimes we can become "scared" deep down to reach our goals. For me, the goal to be under 200 is scary since I don't remember the last time I was that weight. Lately I think I have been freaking out about what will life be like at that weight. Maybe you are too a little. We want to be healthy, smaller, etc. but have a fear about it also. It is a process, learning about yourself as you go along. I have a mantra I repeat that I have put up on my blogs before " I'm worth the success that I'll have, not the defeat that I'll feel"--think about that for a moment. It's like a road trip--bumps along the way but the end destination will be worth it. Take a break if you feel that is best. The break could last a day or a week, whatever you decide. Do not feel bad if you feel you need this break. There is nothing wrong with that. Afterall, most people who work get vacation time--which helps the person regroup and stuff. So, take a vacation from Sparkpeople or whatever. We will be here when you get back. emoticon
    3020 days ago
    I completely understand the "disconnect". It's okay to feel this way. I can't say anything encouraging because I'm not as far along as you are....Good luck to us, right?
    3020 days ago
    I am ON THE WAY!!!! I wish I could walk through your door right now and give you the BIGGEST HUG EVER!!!!!

    We ALL have those times, whether it's a day, a week, a month!!! If if weren't for my daycare kids, some days I wouldnt be playing kickball or football, I'd be jumping on a nap!!!!

    Do you know how many times I have tried to quit drinking and only made it a few days? I would ALWAYS find an excuse! Always!!! But this time I am determined and I will keep staying away from it. I like ME better than BUD LIGHT!!

    Dont feel bad, for ANY reason, we all love you! We love you being our leader (with an assistant now!) YOU have motivated ME SO MANY TIMES!!!! Know that Sherri, you have motivated ALL OF US!! So now I guess it is OUR turn to motivate you!!!!

    But first "THE HUG!! MUAH!!!!!!" Did you get it? Cuz I sent it!!!! Take a break girl, without feeling bad, your only human as we all are. We all fall off, jump off, roll off whatever, it happens, your normal. I am NOT a good hopper either! Though I do love HOPPS which I wont have anymore!!! Hahahaha!!!

    Buck up little camper!!!! Take a break and re focus and you will bounce back and get back on track!!

    We love you Sherri, and WE are here for YOU as well!!! Know that!!!!


    Janet emoticon
    3021 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/14/2010 2:17:01 PM
    Oh WOW!! You are NOT alone!! I was trying not to cry just listening to you!! We absolutely all DO go through this struggle!! So many times I can remember thinking that same "this is impossible" thought and it IS hard, and slow and an emotional roller coaster, BUT it is not impossible!! What my be impossible is the time limitations you have put on yourself. I think you could be very happy at 235 or 245 or even a little higher, rather than at 225 if you didn't get that far!! I know I thought I would have to be at my goal weight to be happy and not so much now!! DON'T GIVE UP!! I tried that too. It didn't work and I just mourned the time I lost!! Maybe go easy on yourself a little and just get back to connecting with your teams and your friends and ease back in, but please hang in there!! You are worth it!! emoticon Cindy
    3021 days ago
    I think you need to forget about losing weight just for a day and do things just for you, have fun, relax, hang out with friends, whatever. Just take your mind off everything other than having fun. Then you can come back refreshed and hopefully more in the mindset. We are all here to support you and your not allowed to give up, but you are allowed to take a break. I agree with everything else everyone already said, so don't you dare give up!!! I have been there too, and somehow I always came back from it, we will be here for you until you do too ^_^
    3021 days ago
  • TEEJAY2009
    Sweetie - there is nothing I could really say that everyone else hasn't already eloquently said.

    Two things I do want to share though:

    1) Being a leader doesn't mean you never make mistakes or you never struggle. What a tough standard then for the rest of the team to live up to - THAT would be impossible! Being a leader means that you walk the journey with your team and when tough times come along, you set the precedent by never giving up. So please, don't give up on your walk. We love you and are here to support and encourage you.

    2) Setting goals are good - necessary even when taking on a challenge such as weight loss. However those goals need to be made out of moldable plastic, not steel. Plastic doesn't bent easily under moderate pressure, but can be molded when heated. Your goals shouldn't break under moderate setbacks, but can be molded and modified when necessary. The heat comes from wise decisions and reasoning. :)
    If your year end goal is reasonable and attainable, hang on to it. If for whatever reason you do not reach your year end goal weight, can you let yourself be okay with that?
    The true goal is to continue to eat right and exercise every day. The weight loss is a byproduct of THAT goal.

    Try shifting your focus from the year end goal to the everyday goal of eating within your calorie range and getting some exercise in - and just let the year end goal "happen." :) And believe me, it will - maybe even better than you expect!

    Again - we love you and are here for you. I believe in you and believe you can do this. You have been MY inspiration!

    If you ever need to talk or vent or whatever, please contact me.

    TJ emoticon
    3021 days ago
  • EMERALDEMPRESS need to go look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are OK!
    Theresa is right...tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow morning when you look in the mirror tell yourself you can do a little and that it is OK..and then go do it. The next day look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you can do a little more and that it is OK...
    Repeat this everyday!!

    I have SOOOO been there where you are and yes it so hard to see other people losing big amounts and be just struggling...not knowing what to do. The only thing that will help is to slowly go back at it. I know the whole thing sucks, but moving forward little by little is better than giving up and assuring failure. Your best is all you can do, if that is more some days and less other be it.
    I hope making the vlog helped with getting the emotions and the frustration out. Please feel better because so many people here at Sparkpeople love your smile and terrific attitude.
    We are all here for you!
    3021 days ago
    I'd love to check out your group!!!

    I know you're having a bad run for the past few weeks but it will pass. You can do this, girl. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I quit SP two years ago and regained my weight plus 25 pounds.

    I rejoined and lost that 25 pounds, but I'm right back where I started 3 years ago.

    So DO NOT give up. This, too, will pass. Hang on. If nothing less, try to maintain your weight til you can feel THE SPARK again. It WILL happen.

    I feel your pain. This whole weight thing is very frustrating, and we have a boatload of bad programming to overcome. But we can overcome it.


    Another thing....I want you to reach your goal, but I'm more concerned that you don't make your goal the reason you fail. Readjust your goal if you have to. You're accomplishing great things. It takes time. You deserve that time. Forgive yourself for being human and go on.
    3021 days ago

    You and I both have a HUGE mountain to climb. HUGE! It will take us both probably past 2010 to get to our "GOAL" weights. I struggle every single day! My scale has moved .8 this week! That is enough to make me want to take it out back and shoot it.

    I'm not going to pretend that it will be easy to get back on the wagon. It never is for ME. Don't burn yourself out. Maybe that is what happened? I am feeling burnt out RIGHT NOW because of this STUPID mountain. Realign yourself when you're ready. Don't try to do too much. It's what I did and now I'm just literally dragging myself onto the machines.
    You're busting your @ss and no one notices, you're hungry, you're tired, you're over extended. I know it all too well.
    You're not alone!
    I'm sure everyone who has lost a large amount of weight has wanted to give up. Maybe they DID give up for a minute, but got back on. If anything, don't live healthy to lose weight this week. Live healthy so you can continue living.
    I think I saw on biggest loser that our weight range makes us almost 80% more likely to have a heart attack! At this age????
    So be healthy and happy this week if you can. If you can't, we'll be here when you can!
    3021 days ago
    Sherri it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE! It is a struggle, and one we all go through, I promise we all do. And this is not about just the exercise. You can lose without doing the exercise. I know because I did, and so can you.

    As for your team (and ours) We ALL know where you are, have been there at least one time, But we ALL know who is the MOST IMPORTANT on here. I am YOU are THEY are. WE are the most important, before anybody else. So nobody will think bad of you, except YOU.

    As for the challenge girl you have PLENTY of time to get this done. It isn't over, until it's over. That will only happen when you give up totally. So are you wroth it? HECK YEAH!

    Sherri tomorrow is a brand new day. EVERYDAY you get out of bed is a NEW DAY. I don't say this because it is the natural order of things. I say this because it is. You can restart everyday of you life. So just find what it is you are lacking in. Be happy that you have so many encouraging friends here at SP and use them all. Each and everyone of us use the other to keep us lifted up and going. But until you realize that YOU are why you are here, and not Our team or your team, it won't work. Find what works for YOU and use that. That is when it will happen for you. What do you want to achieve here at SP? Remember when you went to school to become a teacher? You had to WORK for it. It wasn't handed to you. And this is same thing. You have to work for it and at the end, the prise awaits you. So do what you know is right. Say NO to the things you know are wrong. And you will graduate from this, I promise! We can do this together, as friends and as team-mates and I'm pretty darn sure, your team-mates are going to say the same thing.

    OH by the way.. the very WORST thing you can do, is "bow out" for a few day's. Because it totally takes you off track. And when you come back, it is just worse. SO suck it up and stay here to deal with what is wrong. Eventually, the problem will be solved. Good luck honey and just know I will always be here to help. ALWAYS!

    A new beginning is a great thing. So let's start that tomorrow!

    Love & hugs

    ps sorry for the book..had to say it all though! :-)
    3021 days ago
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