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Why I quit the C25K, a must watch!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sorry about the end, something happened to my camera. But I said what I needed to say. Good luck to each and every one of you!

Here is the Picture of the 5 lbs of fat I was taking about. YUK huh?
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    Don't beat yourself up over something unimportant to your overall fitness goals. Through this journey, we all have to do what our bodies will respond to. I don't believe that you're copping out. I think you're listening to your body, accepting what works for you and sticking with it. It sounds to me like your overall goal is to lose excess weight, not to run a 5K. If at some point, your fitness level increases and you feel that you can shoot for a 5K, reapproach the whole thing with a new attitude. Decide that you're going to go at the pace of what your body says, not at the pace of a 12 week training program. Only you can decide if you're ready for the next step! emoticon
    3019 days ago
  • MRSSASS2010
    Hey, so you figured out what doesn't work for you. That's a GOOD thing girl and I think you know that. Your smile says so!

    I hear ya on the cookies. I'd send them to work with the hubby if I were you! lol

    Glad you're feeling so much better, psychologically. That's so important!

    3019 days ago
    It's okay, really! I think you have to love running, which I don't, to do it. You can't make yourself love something. You only get one pair of knees Theresa. It's way hard on the knees. I haven't given up on the running yet, because I didn't even start yet!

    You are a great video blogger. Thanks for your consistency.

    LOVE YOU! Andrea emoticon
    3019 days ago
  • MTA62005
    I fully understand why you changed your workout ( you are not quitting!). That is how I felt when I stopped 6WBMO. I felt a huge burden lifted off of me. Eating bland food was dragging me down. There is no way that I could maintain that for life. Coming here, is an adjustment and the scale went up for I am no longer omitting salt. But I am not quitting! Great vlog~
    3019 days ago
    Great vblog Teresa, as always your honesty really helps not only yourself, but everyone who watches/hears. I'm so happy that you've recognized what it was that was pulling you down. You're so right when you tell us that if we don't enjoy something there is no disgrace in quitting. As I told you last week I had to quit also. I was feeling badly about that as I too felt like I was failing myself, but after hearing your vblog, I am thinking much differently now. I am enjoying my Wii Fit Plus exercises and since it has gotten me off the couch I am overjoyed with it. As mentioned, exercising should be fun so that we continue to do them and incorporate them into our new lifestyle.
    Glad that weight has lifted from your shoulders and taht your back to feeling your old self once more... you even look happier and that's good. LOL

    3019 days ago
  • CHR15A113N

    Love you and I'm proud of you!

    I need to get back to business for real! My back STILL hurts from last week! bummer
    3019 days ago
    Teresa! I am so sorry I've missed so much. I admire your honesty. You gave up on the challenge and let us all know. Some people, like myself - back out of things and just kind of hide under the rug for a bit. I admire your consistency and I think we're going to make some huge progress come spring - so don't get down on yourself. If you can't do it, you can't do it. Maybe if you get down to another goal weight, you will try again if you still want to. C25K is a great concept, but isn't a requirement by any means - to lose weight.

    I ran into the same problem with baking. It smells good, the whole concept is right - but it's really a waste. I baked a cake, 3 cans of frosting - I'll have to vlog about it! I feel the same way about the 5lbs of fat - so thank you for posting that. Ick is right. Even if you gained 5 lbs (which I hope you didn't), then you lost it off your shoulders - because you admitted to "suspending" your challenge to yourself..

    I am going to keep doing it, but I will be honest - I haven't gone to the gym in a week and a half - I just don't want to get up in the morning. It's 5 below zero out there! It's so hard with the weather the way it is. I'll have to have a little chat with the man upstairs again..

    I'm glad I just happened to see your "I'm back" vlog, because I think I'm going to make it official, too :)


    3019 days ago
    i didnt like doing the shred but i kept doing it, then i quit it. im going to try the slim in 6 since i have it at home, its longer and it probably burns more fat and calories so im going to try that....thanks for motivating me to get back to my workout, you are great.

    xo nell
    3019 days ago
    Way to go, do what makes you happy!
    Enjoy your day
    3019 days ago
    Wow! I'm glad someone said it was okay to quit something you don't like. I hate the 30 day shred. I saw results from it but I DREAD it. I might go back to it in a couple of weeks but I can literally hear my knees pop and grind when I'm doing those lunges. There is always something ELSE we can do for cardio! Not everyone is a runner! I don't think I ever will be! lol Woohoo. I love your blogs!
    3019 days ago
    Thanks Teresa I tried it again this week and I still had chest pains so I'm right there with you. I can't afford to let it get me down either. I am so glad to see that bubbly Teresa again YOUR BACK, that means you are unstoppable. Thanks for giving me the incentive to move on without having to continue this challenge. I already feel free.
    3020 days ago
    good job to you! c25K isn't the only way to exercise, and if it's hurting you physically and mentally, then it's good that you realize it and stop it, because if it's that much of a strain, it won't be beneficial to you. Maybe later you'll feel like you want to run (that's why I started it) and you'll have the program to fall back on. Have fun exercising with what makes you feel good and makes you happy!
    3020 days ago
  • JISTY06
    I am so glad you realized what was more important to you. You're right, exercise should be enjoyable, especially since it should be a part of your everyday life. I'm glad you're back, and dont worry, you'll be better than ever!
    P.S. I didnt like to couch to 5k either. LOL. But I hate to run too!
    3020 days ago
    I'm glad you quit, if that is what has been holding you back. I completely understand. I wake up every day dreading it, but I'm too big of a "@*#&$*&#" to quit. I don't want to do it, and I continue and I'm unhappy. So I'm here with you and I'm going to do the same. I QUIT!!! No more c25k.... I'm going to focus on core exercises now and I will start the c25k back as soon as I'm under 300.

    Don't worry about any of us!!! I knew something was wrong with you, but I didn't want to call you out.

    Hugs and Loves,
    3020 days ago
    Okay, so only 21 seconds would play for me. I'm sorry, I didn't know it was hurting you. I wouldn't have pressed so hard if I had known that. I forget some people are smarter than me and quit when it's hurts. I'm stupid when it comes to those things because I don't like feeling like a failure. I think that's why I have held out so long. I'm going to refresh and see if it will play for me. So you may have to comments. Sorry again.
    3020 days ago
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