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UGH!! Make a decision already, will you??

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

For cyring out loud!

WHAT AM I?? Am I sick? Or am I well? This not knowing what I am is brutal!

Unlike making healthy choices, I have no control over sickness.

Oh sure, I can do what it takes to avoid getting sick, eat well, exercise, get lots of rest, take my vitamins, and so on...

But folks, face it....when you're sick, you're sick and there is nothing you can do about it.

Last week, I thought it was because of the weather that I was hot, then cold, then hot, then cold. But then I got the chills and then the sweats. This is usually a good indication that I'm getting sick.

So I braced myself. All day Sunday I'm feeling pretty good, except for it being one of the coldest days of the year. I feel so good, I'm going to make a pot of Chicken soup. Good for the soul! Because hey... I'm not getting sick after all. And chicken soup is good on a cold day.

I also made the decision that I would use today as my rest day instead of tomorrow. I would do my long run (11 miles) on Monday instead of today. It's just to cold out. And I AM allowed that one rest day a week. So today is the day!

So, it's all good! I'm feeling good and I'm home free, right?


Monday, I woke up with sinus congestion and a headache. Oh boy, here it comes now. Good thing I DID make that soup yesterday. I'm going to need it today!

But, by the time afternoon rolls around, the congestion and headache are both gone. I now begin to rationalize and contribute it to the heater running non stop. You know how it is with all that dry heat, right? So, I'm not sick after all. Besides, I'm not feeling achy and no sore throat, fever, or anything like that.

Well, what did I do? I went for that long run that I put off yesterday because of the cold. I didn't quite make it to 11 miles, stopped after 10, but no biggie. I felt good, just a little tired. But I didn't feel *sick*.

Rest of Monday was uneventful.

Today, I woke up feeling good again. Felt like I got a good night's sleep and I was well rested. So, I'm going to do my Tuesday routine at the gym. First, yoga. Then on to the elliptical to do a hill workout. And after that, the ab routine.

OMG! Three-quarters of the way through yoga and WHAM!! Massive head, nose, sinus, and throat congestion. I gave myself a headache and my nose HURTS from trying to blow it all out! The more I blew, the more congested I got!

I give up, I'm going home. No elliptical, no ab workout.

I get home, ate the last of the chicken soup, took some sinus meds, and hit the couch for a nap.

I woke up just a bit ago and while I'm not feeling bad, (i.e. no congestion or headache), I just don't trust my body right now.

Is it going to deceive me again, just when I think I'm feeling better? I don't know.

But what I do know is, IF I'm going to get sick, I just wish I would and get it over with!

Life IS Good! (yep, even when sick, I have lots to be thankful for!)

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