I Finally Got The Spark!! Revelations abound!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Well, I finally got my book today. It certainly took long enough. Believe it or not, I read about half of it already. I learned a few things along the way. I need to reevealuate my goals for starters. I sat here for a minute and asked myself, "Taryn, what do you want and how do you plan on obtaining what you want?" After thinking for a little while, I came to the following conclusion: I just want to be healthy and the same time. Ok, so now how do I accomplish this? First, I need to get off my duff and do something!! I do my workouts...just not very consistently...and that needs to change! I have stated several times that my fiance does not allow me much time on the tv to do my workouts...that he bought me as a Christmas gift. That is not totally fair of me to say. There are times throughout the day that I could do them...I just do not feel like doing them at that particular time, so I blame him for not doing them. It is so easy to blame someone else for things...without even realizing this is what you are doing. We have gotten into arguments over this issue many times, with him making the same point that I just now came to the revelation of. I do get time, I just choose not to take advantage of it. So that is over! I am responsible for my own actions (or inactions) and I do not have the right to put the blame on someone else. I don't know why I put off doing my workouts because I always feel so much more invigorated and accomplished when I do them. I guess I am still in "diet thinking mode" not "healthy lifestyle thinking mode". That too needs to change. Another thing I REALLY need to change is tracking my nutrition. I track what I eat; however, I also cheat myself in this area. After I have put in my food some nights, I will have a snack or two that I do NOT include in my tracker. This REALLY has to stop. This is why I am going to print out a printable version of my nutrition tracker, thus, I will have no excuse for not putting anything that goes into my mouth onto my tracker anymore. This would be another area that I need to hold myself accoutnable for...not blame someone else. For example, my fiance had gone to the store the other night and had bought himself a candy bar. He didn't want to come back and not have one to offer for me, so he bought me not one but TWO of my favorite candy bar!! So, of course, as it got a little later in the night, I got bored and ate 1 of them...blaming Matt because he bought them for me. But I am the one who ate it...not him. He did not hold a gun and force me to eat it; I just ate it out of boredom. And no, I did not count it on my food tracker. I did count the second one though. So, as you can all see I have some big changes to make. I am still working on my short-, middle-, and long-term goals right now. Once I have them specific and reliable enough, I will post them. So thank you SPARKGUY (Chris) for this book. It is really helping to open my eyes. And thank you to ALL my SPARK friends who have listened to me rant, cry, and complain the past two months I have been on here. Your words have all been taken in and I do appreciate it. Keep Sparking one and all!!
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